A kink in my grow assembly

I have a veg tent that has 3 autos in there at 4 week old and are starting to flower and can’t put them in the flowering tent because my plants that are in there now are still not ready to harvest for another 4 -5 days and no extra room the problem is

with the veg tent has a Compact Fluorescent Lamp, Cool, 250 Watt does a great job vegging plants (also stays very cool to why I like it so much) But isn’t a flowering light. My question is will it be ok just to keep the veg ten plants in there for another 4-5 days or should I remove 1 of my 3 flowering lights from the flowering tent and use it for my autos? Either one tent will have a loss which ever option I use.

They’ll be fine in there for another 4-5 days.
They’re just beginning to flower.

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Yes because during the flowering stretch you want a light that’s a little cooler I believe it’s cooler like around the 6500 k because with that it’s still vegging as it stretching now once the flowering stretch is over, you want to switch to a flowering tent

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Thank you so much for your help, I was hoping I would get a response like that.

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Yes it is 6500 k, should I raise the lights higher to get them to stretch more so I can get taller plants.

Depends on how you want your node spacing. I like them closer for the longer big buds. More space =more smaller buds