9 weeks in on first auto grow

Just looking for input on my first auto grow. Today is week 9. I know I stunted the growth during seedling stage but has bounced back quite nicely. Any tips are much appreciated. 2x40W KindLed lights. (Super Closet kit)


Well, I guess the netting was for a Scrog?
She’s in full on flower. Just sit back and be patient. Looks like it stretched a little?

Welcome aboard! Not much of a light info guy but I’m sure they will be along @BobbyDigital

The netting was just cause it came with the setup and I have no idea what I am doing. Hahahah. Yeah, I feel like I need 2 80w lights for the enclosure. Attached are the box dimensions. I purchased it from Super Closet. But hoping that it will be enough to at least produce some product. Would it be beneficial to put a riser in there to elevate the plants a little closer ya think? Thank you for the input.