6 strains of fun


I’m doing 6 different strains because i like the challenge of doing this plus it will push me to be on the ball. My goal will be to get 150 grams dry off of each plant in my last harvest journal the reaper has come i got 22oz wet out of my critical mass and dried to 139 grams average of 3 critical mass plants the same for the white widow which averaged 114 grams dried. So I am challenging my self to do better and get after it. The six strains are
Acapulco Gold, Critical Bilbo, Blue Dream, Sugar Black Rose, Purple Glam Kush, Jack Herer.
I am a soil guy with 5 gallon air pots, 2 600w mh/hps set up with a 440 cfm exhaust fan and a 4 inch hanging on the side pole and a 8 inch fan on the floor of the tent. The tent is a 4x4x6.5 tent. I mostly use Fox Farm Nutrients with manure mixed in the soil. Hope this will help you guys out that are reading these and picking up anything for your grow. I have learned a lot on here myself and made me go through some of my old journals from 04 i found this soil recipe that i am using for this grow right now i barley feed at half strength with this one i use pro mix soil for vegetable and herbs with myckos, blood meal, bone meal, and 3 scoops of manure.
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4x4 tent, how many plants to get the most out of my tent

This is the soil ingredients and i have a pile of manure of to the side one is from pigs and the other is cow and horse manure combined.


I fill my pot up half way then add 1/4 cup of blood meal and bone meal and sprinkel worm castings on there and mix together by hand then repeat for the second half of the container.


I’m in brother. :+1: Six different strains… That’s gonna keep you on the ball. Good luck. Let’s do this!


I added 1 1/2 had shovel full of pig and cow and horse manure and mixed by hand again with another set of blood and bone meal with a sprinkle of earthworm castings. I used the sea foam can because it was the perfect size for trans planting from jiffy pots. I formed the hole and dug 2 inches deeper and put 1tbs of mykos then filled with a little dirt then added anoter tbs of mykos all over the hole so it got all the roots so they would make contact with it then transplanted them.


This was taken September 8


The blue dream is the odd ball with the yellow leaves i gave them grow big for the first time and she didnt like it. But those stalks are looking really good being that thick right now. Those pics were taken about 10 minutes ago oct 6. I have FIM 3 of the taller ones when the others get closer i will top them to.


Awesome so what was your total dry weight wth How any plants … and were you using the same double 600watt last run your using alot of similar stuff to me im very interested I’ll tag you into my journals if your interested I’m watching


I posted my total dry weight in the reaper has come but i average a little better than a quarter pound for each plant and six plants 3 ww and 3 critical 3 all together was a little over 27 oz


Nicee I got about 7 ww under a 1000 HPs in a closet with 5 PH budding good these are completely untrained but I’m still hopefully with 1000s penetration it can get .my buddy refuse to let me destroy the grow he saysbby super cropping or evening canopy good to know good old house still doing numbers gt about 4.5 weeks to go and were looking decent AF already


Be careful with using pig manure, it can cause serious health issue in humans, similar to using people poop


I got more on the critical mass with my portable sog so i am going to do that with all of them your stuff looks really good i used stakes and twine to spread them out your buds are going to get really hard like rocks and heavy i had to string them up alot i got 40 to 60 gram buds just keep string handy


I’m usually pretty meticulous and I try and think things through very thoroughly and I think I’m doing 90% of what I can do to maximize my yield ( I’d say unfed untrained35-40% fed but untrained is about 40-65% g/watt and max trained is 100+% 1g/watt or more ) I mean of what I think ive read and deducted from it and things are performing just as the reading said it would soon very hopeful and numbers like you say keep me hopefully I mean I have a frablnkensein grow but hey I mcgyver d it like I mcgyver d my audio system in my truck but I knew the fundamental and peiced together such a beautifully clear solid sound it was amazing sovim a firm believer in making it happen with limited resources


Damn! That seafoam is like crack for plants, huh? Lmao
They are looking very nice though. I’ll be honest, my first dip into growing started with hydro/ bland mediums. I’ve grown in fishtank gravel, straight perlite, clay puffs, coco, etc. I suck with soil. Lol


Just check out the reaper has come i took pictures of everything including what is on the scale


I was away from my computer for the weekend, and you’ve been busy. And you’re going to stay that way with 6 strains of fun! I’m actually glad not to have four plants anymore, and be down to just two. I think I like the smaller grow. Those plants look super healthy! Thanks for the tag. I’m looking forward to this grow.


well everybody things have been busy and seem to be looking good to trying to get ready for flower time on Nov 1. Here is some fresh pics and just gave everyone 1 tablespoon of Epson salt and 1 1/2 table spoon of fish food this stuff smells amazing right now like i cant describe it but oh man this grow is going to kick ass for sure hope you guys enjoy the pics i have the dimensions for those portable sogs if anyone wants them i will post it up for you.



The way your plants are way above the screen like that, it defeats the purpose of a scrog


Im tucking them back down they were not long enough to tuck through the net


I do admit that i did drop the ball on staying on them to im on mandatory over time and that blue haze i swear just grew 5 inches in a day my 8 hour days got turned into 12 hour days. I know it’s not a excuse im tying and tucking stuff right now. Just trying to get it back under control hope it goes well