4th Week of Vegetative growth


How are you testing ph? Reason I ask is cause in your above post you said between 7.0 and 7.5


I got a ph test kit with the indicator liquid and the test tube. It goes up by .5 at a time and I wasn’t 100% sure if it was 7.0 or 7.5 by the colors on the chart.


I’ve also got a soil ph test kit which I’ve used as well and my soil ph read 7.0


You need to invest in a apera digital ph meter. The liquid stuff you’re using is hard to read like you stated. I used to use it until I got ph pen. I bought a cheap $15 vantakool and it quit working after about 2 months. So just get a good one


Soil should neutralize in a day or two


Should I ph my water down a bit more maybe to 6.0 try and balance it out?


Run off has now tested 7.0. Could I get away with not flushing and trying to lower over time or better off flushing now?


It will neutralize just let it dry out before next water


I’ve been testing my soil as well over the last few days twice a day every time its tested back 6.5. Could it be a nutrient deficiency maybe not enough of something?


Or should I hold off adding nutes for a while?


Try it out watch for reaction plant has use your common sense and if all else fails Google it


I wouldn’t flush your pot. Your PH is fine. It’s not too out of whack. And can be fixed by just watering with a low ph (6.1-6.3) and getting good runoff, it will begin to drop. I would only flush if you’re having problems. Flushing can create problems too,