4th Week of Vegetative growth


How are you testing ph? Reason I ask is cause in your above post you said between 7.0 and 7.5


I got a ph test kit with the indicator liquid and the test tube. It goes up by .5 at a time and I wasn’t 100% sure if it was 7.0 or 7.5 by the colors on the chart.


I’ve also got a soil ph test kit which I’ve used as well and my soil ph read 7.0


You need to invest in a apera digital ph meter. The liquid stuff you’re using is hard to read like you stated. I used to use it until I got ph pen. I bought a cheap $15 vantakool and it quit working after about 2 months. So just get a good one


Soil should neutralize in a day or two


Should I ph my water down a bit more maybe to 6.0 try and balance it out?


Run off has now tested 7.0. Could I get away with not flushing and trying to lower over time or better off flushing now?


It will neutralize just let it dry out before next water


I’ve been testing my soil as well over the last few days twice a day every time its tested back 6.5. Could it be a nutrient deficiency maybe not enough of something?


Or should I hold off adding nutes for a while?


Try it out watch for reaction plant has use your common sense and if all else fails Google it


I wouldn’t flush your pot. Your PH is fine. It’s not too out of whack. And can be fixed by just watering with a low ph (6.1-6.3) and getting good runoff, it will begin to drop. I would only flush if you’re having problems. Flushing can create problems too,


Now the p.h is getting on track here is a few more photos of how they are going. I topped the little one 2 days ago gave it a go why not.

They have grown a bit one on the left is just under 10" one on the right 7" since topped. Chucked some gnat nix on top as well. Do you think I’ll finally get my turn around?

Cheers for all your help everyone :slight_smile:


Just veg then until your satisfied with their size before you flip to flower. Is you light close enough? Temperature light on light off? How frequently are you watering?


Lights are 24" from top of plants, temp lights on is 21-23 celcius with 22 being the average. Lights off only a drops about 1 degree sits around 20.8 celcius on average never outside these temps since beginning this post. Feeding every 3-4 days just depending on the weight of the pot giving plain water every second watering.


Been home for the last couple weeks so I’ve pretty much lived In my grow tent watching these girls.


Sounds similar to me except I’m using hps. I would start full strength nutes now and then gradually use more over the next couple weeks. Do you water to run off? Lets say about 1L per plant every 2-3days.


I do water until run off 2 litres through pot when I use nutrients and a bit more when I use plain water… I don’t get much run off with 2 litres though but they are 5 gal pots. Maybe I’m using to much water?


I used 2L of full strength nutrient water last wateringing so I will be watering with 2.5L-3.0L plain ph water tomorrow. I figure if I use extra plain water each time I won’t get as many build up problems.


Pics? You shouldn’t water so quick