4th Week of Vegetative growth

Hey I’ve been using your nutrients as your guide instructed. I just finished my 4th week of veg growth and the plants and still short at only 6 inches and I don’t feel they are ready to flower yet. Should I keep them on the growtime feet for a few more weeks see how they go or switch to the flowertime fert as your chart says? I ran into some trouble with cold temps and also had a gnat problem early on but all resolved very early and plants seem to be thriving now. Trimmed a couple leaves already after the bugs but all seem good. What you think?

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I honestly dont use a time method with my plants. Its usually 8 weeks or more in veg, 2 weeks transition then 8 or more weeks flower. You can go into flower anytime but you have to consider yield. Your plant will approx double in size when you switch. So if youve got room for a 5 foot plant you want her at least 2 and half feet tall before the switch.


Is the size normal for a plant? Got 2 300w viparspectra led lights running 18/6 using all ilgm nutrients. Over watered early on, had temp troubles but they have looked good over the last week. Should I he doing more for my plants? Temp runs at 21-23.5 degrees celcius lights on 18-20 lights off. Haven’t tested water ph but my council said it varies between 6.0-8.0 not sure if that’s a bad thing. Soil ph 7.0. Any help would be great.

Lower your ph to about 6.6-6.8. Once you get that under control, your plant should take off. Try to keep your temperature between 70-80

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How high are you lights and what’s in the pots for growing medium?

How do I lower soil ph? Is water ph important as well? Should the temp stay between 70-80 even with lights off? Thanks for the help.

I have my lights about 18" from tops of plants. It’s an organic potting mix which I added 40% perlite through.

I water every 3-4 days depending on how heavy the pots feel. Nutrients every second watering plain tap water every other watering. I run a small oil heater on a thermostat to maintsin the temps cause where I’m growing gets very cold. Bit more insight into what’s happening.

You want to ph your water to about 6.7ish. If you are in pots. Water until you get another 20% run off then test the ph of the run off

No worries and what should run off ph read?

Do you know the exact brand? I would think with 40% perlite added you’re probably venturing into soilless medium territory anyway. In which case your ph will need to be lower than you’re being directed. But we’re venturing into something I haven’t really messed with. @Countryboyjvd1971 @Hogmaster @Myfriendis410. What do you guys think about ph here?

Raise your lights up a little too. They’re already screaming in blue wavelengths that will naturally keep plants squatty. Lowering intensity a little will promote a little upward growth.

I’m using bx and I ph like soil keep it from ph 6.2-6.7 and haven’t had any issues some plants like it lower some like it a little higher :wink:

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Feed them and top them both. Veg for st least another 4 weeks and then flip to flower

I thought promix was a soilless medium…

So I need ph up/down and a tester kit? Scotts pure organic I think. It’s nothing special got it from local garden store. I moved the light up to 24" from top of plants. Humidity reads between 50% and 60% which I have no understanding over anyways. I put 5L of perlite in every 25L of potting mix so it’s not 40% sorry. Drainage seems to be good. First real grow so I’ve been playing with it and fixing my mistakes as I go. I’ve read ten million different posts and decided to get onto some professional help for myself. Thanks again


Top them now? But they are still so small?

Older growth looks like a lockout. As suggested, I would invest in a decent PH meter along with UP and DOWN. PH 6.5 for your setup. I would keep her going another month or so before flipping but like @Laurap said: let the plant tell you when.

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It is I just give it what it likes

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I trimmed a couple leaves off already because they were dry and dead and since I did that the plant seemed a lot better. I have ordered ph up down should get here Tuesday m so I’ll post more pics in a weeks time see how she’s going. Thanks for all the help.

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