4 week check in - need to add?

Just checking in @Docnraq or anyone else who has thoughts….White Widow, outdoor grow, 10.5 weeks old….do I need to stabilize the top, she’s getting to be a monster haha!

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Might have too! You can give her a cple doses of silica, it will strengthen her cells and help her support the oncoming buds.


Another quick question - all looking healthy to me, got some silica coming in the mail today, will add. Just a bottom set or 2 of leaves is yellow, a lot like I see with veggie plants. Should I snip them off or just let that go? Thanks!!

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Snip em, normal to have lower leaves yellow as the plant gets older, watch for anymore obviously but, barring that, should be alright.

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Done, thanks. A friend of mine who is growing just transplanted from 5 gallon to 10 - I obviously DO NOT want to do that, so you think this has outgrown the 5?

I dont think you can outgrow in a cloth pot. The way they are designed the air prunes your roots to fit the pot they are in so they never rootbound. However, the larger the pot, the bigger the roots. The bigger the roots, the bigger the fruits. If you still have the time and desire a bigger plant you can slit open the bottom of that cloth pot and stack it on top of another instead of repoting. I think she will be ok in the 5gal. Likely have to water fairly frequently once flowering. Dont take my word for it though, photo’s and outside are not in my wheelhouse.

That all makes sense. IF others think a repot is really necessary, I like your idea for cutting out the bottom. Thanks man!!

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There is no need to cut the cloth pot root will grow right through it

Got another question! I was talking with a friend who is growing outdoors as well, and we were stumped on this:

12 hours of uninterrupted would be 9/25. I live in Maine, and night will start getting pretty cold. If flowering is 8 weeks or so, that puts us nearly to 12/1….so, should we try to trick the plant into flowering soon? Appreciate your thoughts!

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@Docnraq noticed this today - only on one leaf - indication of something I should change or not a big deal?

You can. Just needs to be pitch black. However you go about that, make it 12 and 12 for about a week and she should switch into flower. Just make sure she has circulation and controled RH during the blackout time. You will also need to keep her in that 12 and 12 until the end of her life.

As for the spot, it could be burn from getting nute or water on it. There is a bit of argument about weather water on it can cause a burn but Ive seen it plenty, especially here in the desert. Here in AZ, puddles of water on the sidewalk from sprinklers will scortch the cement sidewalk. If it pops up on more leaves it could be septoria but It seems unlikely. Just keep your eyes out for more dmg.

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:point_up_2: what I’m thinking :love_you_gesture:

Wouldnt it be easier to restitch the bag then get all the roots out of the fabric? If you dont get all the roots out of the fabric before replanting a new plant in it wont those roots begin to rot and potentially attract various bugs to the next grow? Ive never grown outside so please treat this as a legit question vs an argument of your statement.

I am not sure of the answer either tbh but I have seen someone on here say a few times that there is no need to cut the bag. I have to search for the post or maybe the person will see this and chime in :man_shrugging::joy:

It’s all good I’m here for learning not arguing. @Docnraq

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Ok found the post it was made by @Spiney_norman maybe they can offer more information. I’m still in my first grow so lots of learning :joy:

@DarhkGrows @Docnraq

Thanks!! I’ll check the post out. The pot was only $2, so fine cutting it up and getting rid of it after the season.

Here is my next question, could not find a good direct answer. I understand 12 hours of uninterrupted light will trigger flowering after a time period. I am on day three, and I have been going 7 to 7. Today I have to leave the house at five, so I am wondering if I go 5 to 7 for 14 hours of dark, or do some thing like 5 to 5 to keep it at 12 hours. Don’t want to confuse the plant!

She will be ok doing either of those things, you will want to put her back to what you have been doing after today. As I understand it as long as you stay at or under 12 and 12 she will be good. If the day suddenly got longer like say 14 on and 10 off she would go to reveg but it would take more then a single day. I just woke up a lil bit ago so to be clear we are talking about a photoperiod right?

Thanks - yes, photoperiod - she’s in the dark now…

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Setting one pot inside another I learned from generic gardening videos on YouTube.

In plastic containers the roots turn and continue to grow in circles looking for a crack. In fabric they start to go through and when they hit air and light they stop growing and develop side branches. Thats why the root mass is so web-like. When you set a fabric pot inside another the roots just continue to grow when they find more dirt/coco. It works fabulously. Set out to dry after the grow, the roots are easy to remove. There is always a few little ones that stick in the fabric, but the same thing happens even in pots you don’t transplant from. In fact if you try to remove a live plant you will have to cut all the little roots that are stuck in the fabric and you will definitely stress the plant and disturb the soil a great deal.
Reusing the fabric pot is no different that reusing one that was not set into a larger one. Soils contain old root matter. Even your store bought bagged soil, if it is truly forest soil, has old roots decomposing in it. It could not be otherwise. Good soil is full of living things that break down organic components ito usable nutrients. As long as you don’t leave a massive root mass in one place to form a rotting mass a few little pieces of roots are no different than any other decomposing matter in the soil.
I reuse pots all the time and never have any issues. . ,


Sounds great! So a pot like this, just set in another? No need to cut holes or anything else?