3D printed accessories

Good morning all. I wanted to post here before I spend hours on this. Does anyone or has anyone used any 3d printed parts for their grow environment? I was going to create a model for training I was thinking of doing a circle about 5 inches in circumference with anchors on the top for tie down then create snap ins on the bottom so I can drill holes in the top of the toat to snap it into.

Has anyone seen anything like this? If you know of any good parts please post them here so I can check them out.

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I 3D print, just made some iPhone cable protectors for a pal

Most everything I print comes from thingverse, but I do have scaling software

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I use 3D printing to show my son how easy it is to create legos and other Small toys at a fraction of the cost. Most everything I print for myself or the Mrs is cable management and vases.

I haven’t used 3D printing for anything in my tent, but I considered making some better/deeper runoff trays for my plant caddies


I’ll post the STL links here if I find anything useful.