35 watt LED full spectrum grow light

I was given a 35 watt full spectrum
LED grow light
13 inch x 13 inch
Can I use this for germinating and seedling??
Thank you


Yes this sounds accurate.


That’s all I used as well, works fine but starting vegetative state you’ll need more.

Why not just when the stretch starts move them to better lighting.

I have better lighting But I’m just wondering if I can use this 35 watt led full spectrum for germinating and seedling phase.
If I could use this light for seedling would be awesome.
I use a 250 watt metal halide currently and runs really hot and more power then this 35 watt led would so just a better option for me if I could use.
But yes would like to use this 35 w LED for seedling stage only


Absolutely that’s what most of us do with our old lights too should be good.

Right on
Thank you skeleton
How far would you’ll guys recommend I distance the LED Lights for sprout?
Also how far should I distance in seedling stage?
Thank you

Sorry meant Scorpion

I have a similar setup. when you get to the veg state you will want better but it’s good for the first few weeks as long as you keep it around 7-10 inches from plant.

Thank you all
For reply’s
Really appreciate it

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I would really like your advice on how I should go about using my lights on my next grow?
I have this 35 watt I would like to start germinating and seedling stage with in a 2x2 tent
Once they start veg I switched to a 250 watt mh light and left there until I transplanted to a 3 gallon pot once transplanted I moved them to a 5x5 tent under a spider sp4000 led light,I only use about a 4x4 space though for plants for better coverage.
But I’m wondering if using all these different lights affect the plants growth in any way?
What do you suggest or recommend I do?
Should I use 35 watt led and then once in veg skip 250watt mh and go under the sp4000?
The reason I was using the 250 watt mh is just so there in a smaller space and just easier to maintain climate

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Does seem like a lot of fooling around. If you don’t have plants flowering in your big tent i would probably move straight to that.

No nothing in the big tent
Any tips on using the spider sp4000?
Should I just follow manufacture Recommendation?

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Use the manufacturer data as baseline then just watch your plants.

Anything specific I need to watch?
Sorry just don’t know what to look for

Unhappy plants.

Sounds good

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