3 bubba kush / 3 green crack autos 1 trainwreck fem 6-22-18


why would you be green envy I’m pretty sure your garden is lush and full of greens yourself


Your list of seeds :smiley:




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My apologies I only stated general areas I lived close by as others do on this site but post has been deleted.


Well I’m back from me vacation and my son took care of my babies for me and did a pretty good job. All my babies are doing good but do to me only allowing son to just water with cal-mag on Monday and Thursday my plants started to eat itself on a few leaves. But now I’m back I gave them a good feeding at week7 full strength and my babies loved me for it. Take a look and hope you enjoy :wink:

Here’s my trainwreck mainline project so far she is doing her thing and I topped for the second time to make 4 colas will probably top 2 more times within the next week and half as long as she shows great recovery from the topping and LST that’s done to her afterwards.

Here’s the bubba kush autos

Plant 1

Plant 2

Plant 3

Green crack autos

Plant 1

Plant 2

Plant 3

Again hope you guys and gals enjoy

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Looking good.


awesome work @Onlythebest79


Well not much has changed as we are in cruise control until harvest. I also topped the trainwreck for a total of 8 colas and will top one more for 16 total then I’ll let her grow for 2 weeks or so then flip switch to flower and we’ll see how she responds to the mainline. Happy growing and hope you guys like

Green crack

Bubba kush

Trainwreck mainline

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That mainline is shaping up nicely! Plants are looking good man :v:


Hey thanks for compliment and yes the mainline is doing her thing. The hard part bout this so far is waiting for new colas to take off


Ya, they look great!


Indeed on the “looking good” assessments!! Great work!!


Great job on the mainline. That is exactly how it is done. :sunglasses::us:


Well another week has passed and my babies are cruising right on along. The mainline is coming together nicely and I think I have 4 more days then I’ll give them last topping and she’ll be on her way to flowerhood. Here’s pics and hope you guys enjoy

All 3 Bubba Kush’s








Trainwreck mainline she’s working her tail off to make me happy. Just a week ago she was skinny no meat on her bones. But this week she has gained a few pounds. I’m proud of her and she’s going to be a beauty.

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Nice! Looks like those buds are trying to get fat for you!


There not trying to get fat but rather they are getting fat for me.

I took @Screwauger advice on making the autos drag out their veg stage as I usually start on week 6 of nutes at day 17-21 and let them go from there. This time I added 2 extra weeks of nutes week 4 & 5 from Day 21 and this is where they are at now.


Those buds are mouth watering my friend! Definitely gonna smoke like the best… n the mainline girl is chugging. Picking up steam on ya


Well played my friend!