2 Week Old Rockwool Clones.... HELP!

Two weeks ago yesterday, I took a dozen clones from a healthy outdoor mother plant. This is the third round of clones I’ve gotten from this genetic strain so I know it’s hearty BUT, in my experience, it has generally very long grow/flowering times being a sativa. Normally, I take clones and plant them directly into my medium, soil. This time I took the cuttings, put them directly in the water, moved them to my workspace, cut them at a 45° angle, dipped them in clone X and put them directly into the pre-manufactured, soaked in Orca, rockwool cube holes. I also cut the tips off the top fan leaves. I put them under a grow dome with 24 hours of light. ( I have since read that they do better with a break in light- 18/6 but I’ve left them under 24 since that’s what I started with). They are doing well besides losing a few leaves that I should’ve cut off before cloning them. I have not watered the rockwool cubes as I soaked them and they were plenty wet and have been, they just started drying out within the last 4-5 days. Rh is consistently 70% and temp is between 70-75. I have removed the dome yesterday successfully and have had no wilting or adverse effects, since I slowly hardened them by opening the vents a little at a time. They are under a seedling light. Three of them have various signs of root growth from the top where they are inserted into the Rockwall. None of them are showing bottom root growth yet (out the bottom of cubes) I’m worried about the clones that have roots growing from the top as I believe they air pruning themselves?! I wanted to wait until I had significant root growth from the bottom of the rockwool cubes to plant but I’m worried about the roots growing from the tops. Should I not worry about the top root growth? Should I transplant just those three or just wait? I know this strain takes a long time to grow… I wonder if that’s part of it.

I doubt that they are pruning the roots because you’ve had them domed. Now that you are taking it off you might have a problem, but those cutting, from what I can tell, are doing ok and I would put them in soil. A small cup or pot is ok, it will give you the option of using a dome if needed.


I did just that, thanks. They are doing well and drinking- which tells me they have roots. I haven’t had any loss or shock at all and now I can breath easy knowing I don’t have any exposed roots. I knew that while they were under the dome the were OK but once I took it off they started getting orange at the tips of the roots. Didn’t want to lose them but also didn’t want to baby them with super high Rh and give them trouble acclimating later. Thanks again.

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babies are doing just what they are supposed to do. the roots are growing well. when transplanted, you can bury the main stem a little deeper.

Yes, I did that, thanks. It’s funny how confident you can be until you aren’t and get worried about messing something up without action. Sometimes inaction is the best thing!

LOL…Each grow is it’s own adventure. Even if using the same strain.*