1st timer indoor grow..need advice

I did a second topping and now I’ve got some drooping leaves on 2 out of my 3 girls!

What’s going on? Advice? Do I need to transplant? Wanted to switch to flower after this second topping but the leaves drooping is making me think they’re too stressed

She looks a little dry. When was the last time you watered? And why do you want to transplant, is the pot too small? If it is then that’s why she’s drooping. What size pot is she in?


She does look dry. Like @raustin asked why are you thinking you need to transplant? Try watering and see if she perks up.


Hi all!!

I was asking about the size pot because I’ve been watering like usual, but was concerned because of the plants size maybe I might need bigger (3 gallon pot planter size)…I stuck my moisture measure took in the two that were droopy and it said they were borderline moist/dry. I watered the girls a few moments ago. I’ll let y’all know how they look in the morning. Thank you sooo much for the advice!

Hmm, 3 gallon’s is on the smallish side. I guarantee if you do decide to transplant into a 5 gallon she will look much better. She’s probably starting to get a little rootbound though.

I’m just getting ready to flip to flower…could I get by on what I have or do I HAVE to go bigger?

I think you should transplant. It’s only going to get worse once in flower, best to do it now and get it over with. I don’t think she’ll do well with another eight weeks in that pot. Are there any roots coming out the bottom?

Wow! Ok you guys were waaaaay right. I watered about an hour and a half ago and ALREADY they’re peeking back up!!! I was incorrect on the size, they’re 6.2 Gallon

Oh, well, 6.2 gallon’s is plenty of room to grow, no worries. It’s good to let them dry out once in a while, certainly better than overwatering. Glad we could help.

Whew! I had the newbie panic going hard! Thanks so much!!!

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My girls seem to be doing much better but I’ve noticed a significant uptick in humidity…I was always around 40-45% the last few days now I’m up around 50-55% time to buy a dehumidifier??

50-55% is fine for veg, it might be borderline for flower though.

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Hi all!! Update time, we’re in week two of flower. I think everything looks good. Humidity crept up a bit but finding I can keep it at bay with two of the gallon buckets of damprid. What do you think? See anything I should be worried about or so far so good?

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They look nice and healthy, good job!

How do I know if they’re definitely girls?

Female right?

Hmm, hard to tell. That could very well be male, but it’s a little early to tell. If you see pistils coming out of those balls/callyx then it’s female, but if it stays like that then it’s a male.

The other two I spotted pistols but that one I’m not sure yet

Yeah, sometimes it’s real hard to tell. Post another pic in a few days and maybe it will be clearer.