1st grow- indoor closet size question

Hi all. I have three blue dream that I’m germinating now. I was going to put them outside but am second guessing the safety of doing this. I don’t live in the best neighborhood and I may be asking for trouble if people get a whiff of what’s growing over the fence. Rethinking to grow two of them in a closet. I have an old very tiny house. The closet is only 21" deep x 48" wide. Is this deep enough? Would be easy enough for me to throw ventilation in here if this isn’t too small.

Thanks in advance.

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My closet is only 25 x 46… I think you should still be able to work with 21" deep…

And you could always do like I am doing and take your ventilation into the attic… In fact, that is what I am working on today… Putting the exhaust intake vent in the closet ceiling. Next time it is cloudy, I will take the duct, fan, and filter up in the attic and hang them.

That size is fine for 2-3 smaller plants.

How are the electrics on the house? You’ll probably be pulling 400w-500w to do it properly. If you’re on a general purpose circuit it could throw some breakers if it’s old.

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Problem is i’m not sure these plants are small… I asked the guy for something short and ended up coming home with plants that could grow pretty big. But maybe with just 2 i’ll be ok.

Yeah was planning on venting up through that attic to the roof and there’s a supply to another room very close so I can probably add that easily, just not sure if i’ll be pulling all the supply away from that other room given there will be a pull from the exhaust. I think I roughed in some electrical up there when I renovated with dreams of a 3rd floor some day, but they’re probably 15amp circuits. If i pull from an existing in the room they’ll be 15 amp for sure, but there’s not much going on in that room other a ceiling light. I bought a 400W kit that should be arriving today.

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U running hps/mh or led?

If you’ve got a 15 amp circuit that has nothing big on it or vacant, you should be gold… At 80%, you can pull better than 1400W actual at the wall off a 15 Amp 120VAC circuit before you trip the breaker…


thanks- was just trying to figure out how to do the math :slight_smile:

and I’m running HPS/MH. quality of LEDs got to be too much research and the ones that everyone seemed to agree on were in the thousands.

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I built an awesome and SIMPLE DIY led quantum board light for $220.00 and it fills out a 32x32 inch area

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Bedrooms usually share the same gp circuit. So you’d have to account for everything on that circuit. But this is putting the cart before the horse. Just something to consider.

Don’t worry about how big the plants “can” get. You decide when they’re the right size and then flip to flowering, (although cannabis can sometimes double in height during flower).

Thanks. I usually separate outlets from lights but can’t remember what I did this time. but there’s really not much going on in there anyway.

For a long and skinny space wonder if that means I need another set of lights. I wanted to keep this simple for my first run but here I go down the rabbit hole.

If I do a blue dream outside in a 5 gallon pot, will that limit how big it gets or would I kill it because it wants larger? Not sure why this guy sold me a monster plant seed when i asked for smaller that’s good in hot climates. Seems I got neither trait :confused:

Most lights are on a different circuit than bedroom outlets.

You’re at about 8.5 sq ft. So with blurple, cmh, hps, you’d need 400 watts ±. There might be heat issues with that type of lighting.
If you went quantum board, cob, or light strips you could get away with around 260watts, and they might fit the space better. If you’re capable of diy you can save a decent amount of money as well as design them to fit perfectly. When you get to lighting give dbrn32 a shout. He’s the lighting guru. What lights do you currently have?

5gal is plenty large. Most people use 5 or 7 gal pots. Cloth bags are popular right now.


The lights just came, so sticking with these before I get too crazy unless they won’t hit the width of the space. I had such a clear simple plan of what I was going to do, leave it to me to make things more complex right off the bat. Wish I had a bigger, more secure yard. Though I suppose I could work on that, too.

I’m not sure of the flowering footprint for a 21”x48” and that light, but the wattage is right. You’ve got it, might as well use it. :+1:

It’s going to get hot in there. You’ll need plenty of air exchange.

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I wish I would have seen this thread earlier. If there was one thing I would have advised you on, it would have been to get an air-cooled reflector. I run a 1000 watt HID lamp with an air-cooled reflector, and it barely puts out any heat below the glass.
As long as you have adequate ventilation, you should be okay, though. If you do run into issues, you might consider adding an intake fan or switching to an air-cooled reflector.

Thanks. I think i’m going back to my original basic plan, which is to grow a few outside, and an auto or two inside under these lights but not in a tent so i won’t have to worry about the heat. When winter rolls around and I’m still motivated to do this, I’ll look at setting up inside. I’m getting so far ahead of myself here- not hard to get excited about it and suddenly dream about putting additions on my house. back to reality… my first two seeds just popped their heads out today.

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