Indoor grow in my basement dungeon err uh garage 2x2x3 foot Cool Grows grow tent. Mylar Hydroponic Grow

Digitally controlled AC Infinity inline exhaust fan. Temperature 68 - 78 with a goal 74 degrees Fahrenheit (this thing is cool and quiet)

Soil: Fox Farm Ocean Forrest.

Started in NK seed starter pots

When they become teenagers disrespecting their parents and wanting to leave home, they live in 3 gallon Vivosun fabric smart pots (in the grow tent above)

Water: Mostly distilled, have rarely used TDS <50 (if out of distilled).

pH checked (at least weekly with soil sample) with runoff pen style meter goal 6.5
Water is adjusted if out of range.
(PH-618 Digital LCD Pen Type Resolution 0.01 Accuracy 0.03 Waterproof PH Meter

Light: (when babies) standard T12 tube florescent 6500k inside a humidity dome. Heating pad (if needed).
Height ~ 3 or 4 inches
Light in grow tent: VIPARSPECTRA v450
LED 200watt
Both on 18/6 timer. Height ~ 10 inches

Humidity 70 - 40% goal (depending on plant stage) as found suggested on ILGM but when cold/dry. I have a cool mist TaoTronics Humidifier in grow tent.

thinking about a humidistat, as sometimes it gets too high
Do you have any suggestions?

DEHUMIDIFIER MODEL: BHD-501-G (from Heat Controller inc.)
a model very similar to this one
similar to my dehumidifier

Goals are: (chart found on ILGM guide and forum suggestions)
Seedlings 65 - 70% RH
Veg 55 - 70%
Flower start 40 - 55 %
Final weeks of Flower <40%
humidity - temps - etc. ILGM guide

Feeding ILGM flower power and the bug, mold, root protector (as foliar spray), all at 1/2 strength about every 10-14 days as watering is only needed every 3-4 days with runoff check at feeding.

ILGM Flower Power Nutrient Starter Package

ILGM Bug Mold and Root protector

Flower Power Feeding Schedule

Co2: Not yet TBD

And lastly BROCK SAMSON protecting The Venture Bros and my ladies.
He does have a license to kill… just sayin!
Intro to Brock Samson