Indoor and outdoor grower.
I use a drip system outdoors that allows me to quickly feed my plants every 4 days with high end nutrients. That allows me to grow large 3 pound plus plants (Ontario, so shorter growing then in the south).
Indoor, I have a mother room with potted plants, also fed with a drip system.
I then take clippings and root them in a DWC bubble cloner: this is my Achilles heel, and I’m making changes in this department.
I have a flowering table where I flower the rooted clippings in a dense growth setup (up to 9 plants per square foot) with quantum board lights. These lights run cooler than bulbs, and thus suit my type of growing perfectly.
I just installed a water softener and an RO system. With that, I have a 40 gallon reservoir filled with RO water, always ready for me to use.

I use a drop system using gravity to feed and water my plants.
I presently (crop 2020) have 2 growing in the ground and 2 growing in 39 gallon grow bags that are sunken 1/3 into the ground.
Each plant has 4 drip emitters and a control valve. I use a 60 gallon (200L) tank elevated about 2.5 feet (90cm) above the garden level, and that elevation provides enough pressure for the emitters rusty I need to throttle down the flow.
I add all my nutrients right into the tank, adjust ph and open the valve. The while process takes about 15 minutes, and I do it every 4 days. So far, so good!

I also give foliar spray (Optic Foliar’s Overgrow) every 4 days in between feedings.

When it rains, I don’t feed. But I still do, because of the soil preparation in Spring, but also because I use solid fertilizers on that surface that dissolve with the rain.

Happy growing, everybody!