Zweet Inzanity Help Please

What strain, Zweet Inzanity Rbx, Ethos Genetics, PP

• Method: Hydroponics

Fox Farm Trio complete, NPK RAW Silica, tap water (100ppm)

• Vessels: 27gal tote (10 gallon)

• PH 5.8 to 6.4 (6.0avg)

• EC 2.0

• Indoor

• Light system AC Infinity s44 Ionboard

• Temps; Day 78-80, Night 68-70

• Humidity; Day 50-55%, Night 50-55%

• Ventilation system; Yes, Size 6" ACI Cloudline

• AC n/a, Humidifier yes, De-humidifier n/a

• Co2; No

If growing Hydro some additional questions:

-Distance of liquid below net pot (DWC) 1.5" to 2.5"
-Temperature of reservoir 68°-70°
-TDS of nutrient solution 1000
-Amount of air to solution x4- 6" airdiscs powered by an 8 port activeaqua pump.

I had some Mag issue going into flower. Ive since corrected the issue and am currently week 5 of flower but now i have what appears to be Rust but doesnt rub off and doesnt penetrate through the leaf. The underside of every effected leaf is pristine other than a blemish here and there. Some of the fading i can attribute to an issue i ran into with my Grow Big around the same time my mag issue occured. The GB crystalized on me and i panicked and ommited it from the schedule during a res change until FoxFarms got back with me on whether it was still good. So 3 days starved for N and some prefading, not good but the not the end of the world. But i cant get this excessive browning diagnosed to save the life of me. My light has been at 20 to 22" avg at 100% which is manufacturer spec. I raised it up to 24" at 100% today in case i am getting some type of lightburn and or bleaching of leaves. My fans are oscillating and set at 4 out of 10 so windburn is unlikely but not ruled out.

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Possibly mag def??

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Im using FF calmag 2tsp per gallon when filling my res and top off with calmag and water in between changeouts. Do you think i should increase the calmag then? I also have some Mag-Amped the owner of green thumb gave me that a vendor gave him that ive thought about adding in but didnt want to throw the calcium mag ratio off and at the same time i dont know enough about npk to act like i know what im talking about.

Are you using the sledgehammer flush? What is the pH? Every single time this has happened to me it’s been related to the feed mix throwing off the pH.

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I am not a hydro guy. I wouldnt want to steer you in the wrong direction.

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Yeah i do system flush every scheduled change, and my ph is always set to 6.0 and doesnt fluctuate more than .4 in either direction. But generally stays in the 5.8 to 6.2 range

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I just recently started using the fox farm calmag as part of my regular feeding schedule. The new FF hydro schedule calls for it now and never did before. I would only use calmag if i seen a deficiency and never needed more than 1tsp per gallon. This has me using double that and it spikes the EC bad

I believe you’re counting weeks of flowering from when you first saw buds. Looks like you’re further along than week 5 flower and if so this is somewhat normal. How many weeks since flip?

Also are you using any of the extra additives like bembe and mackerel?

6 weeks flipped on 01/01/23

You’re in week 6 then. Your fade may be a little much but it’s normal to start fading around this time. Continue regiment

No im not using those.

Im using Beasti Bloomz currently at 1/4tsp gal

Shouldn’t you be on cha Ching? I just started week 5 and just started myself

I normally dont count the first week or so until the first signs of tops start forming. Ive always considered this to be more of a transitional phase and a grey area for flowering. So youre saying the actual flowering starts the day i flip?

No these things easily have 4 to 6 weeks left

Unless im missreading this growth she has a ways to go. 10 to 11 week flowering according to ethos


5th week of flowering calls for cha ching on the fox farm schedule I’m using. First 2 weeks were open sesame, the third week beastie, none for the fourth week, then cha ching until harvest

You should be on the week 10 schedule

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