Zucky zuck testifying


Anyone else watching the zuck testifying today?


i’m going to try catching it on the fake news channel…lol


I usually prefere fox above all the others


watching now, he is not giving any straight answers :rat:


Not a single one. Se need to broaden the view of our responsibility. How many times he said that same sentence


lost count, he knows what he did. you don’t run a billion $$ company and don’t know whats going on.


Exactly. It should be left to the people to decide if FB is able to stay alive or is terminated


it is a monopoly, i personally don’t used it, never trusted it, don’t even use instagram or whatsapp. they all are owned by zucky :japanese_ogre:


i’m sorry,so,so,sorry…i’ll never,ever do it again…lol


This picture of Zucky needing a booster cushion whilst testifying is all the meme you need for this year.


@BIGE This reminded me of a really bad joke I’m sure is against forum rules. So just chuckle and grin and you’ll be ok! lol


i’m really sorry @Sasquatch, very,very sorry


I got off of it a while back. That’s right, I’m a reformed user :unamused:


Man is it me or Zuckerberg has one of those faces you just want to pummel. I hate seeing him it enrages me everytime. He’s got such a dbag face. Lol.

Got rid of Facebook over 5 years ago and never looked back.


I class it as a face which has seen the inside of many a toilet bowl, and not necessarily voluntarily either.


He just admitted that FB collects info from people who aren’t even users.


So nothing that wasn’t known already.


That’s a booster seat? I thought he had hemroids :scream:


He’s a shill that will help end net neutrality. Now that he has his BILLIONS, he doesn’t care anymore.

This place is my only source of social media. No Facebook, Snapchat, Twitter…

I was amazed at how much my wife had to agree to allow just to get the app. I told her it wasn’t a good idea, too much drama.

Guess I was right for a change! :wink:


Yeah I always thought it was weird when the ads would pop up I got rid of it. I think it’s really just an intelligence agency, but some might call that crazy. I think it’s crazy that a kid in a dorm thought of this idea the exact same day that the government “shut down” a program that sounded just like what FB does.