Zskittles size in not compact

I started a zskittle a a white widow at the same time. The white widow is about a week from harvest. The zskittle is 4’ tall and no buds. I thought it was compact.

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I would change your light to 12/12, it may not be an auto.

I’ve read some suggest to put in darkness for 24 hours then flip to 12/12 to trick/force flowering.

From what I can see on the WW, looks like lots of white pistils. What are the trichomes telling/showing you?

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I had this exact issue with my current grow. I had to put her through 36 hours of darkness to goose her to flower. She took off after the dark period.


depending on what you have for lights and side lighting, the growth on the bottom of that 4’ Zskittles may not amount to much. May want to consider pruning out the bottom 25 - 30% and supercrop the top before going into flower.


They are mostly clear but turning fast. It’s on week 8 of flowering.

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I would guestimate several more weeks. Just keep checking the trichomes. She looks like already has some thick buds. She will continue to add weight.

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I guess I ordered the wrong seeds and the zskittle is photoperied. How do I set my lights, I’ve never grown this type.

A photoperiod will start to flower when it has 12 hrs of uninterrupted darkness. Set a timer so the lights are on 12 and off 12. Set the lights on to include the time you usually tend to the plants.
That is it.

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If you ordered from ILGM, and you ordered Autos, they are very good about rectifying mistakes. You could reach out to their customer service department.

However, you will have a beast of a plant when you flip her! She will stretch more; have the space?

Keep posted.

I’m a sicko, but I’d be tempted to veg her until March/April then transplant her outside. :smiley:

I thought I ordered autos but they showed me my order and I messed up

I see. Looks at the bright side, you get to play the omnipotent one! From what I have learned and read, many of the top growers here prefer photo period over autos. I can not control my environmental factors enough to try photos (mainly, cannot get complete darkness in my grow closet).

You can do as @Oheeeoh says and grow a tree outside. There is a grower here who grows trees! Seriously! I don’t know if you have seen the pics. Check out this beast which @Cannabian grew:

and this shot:

Good luck with your grow, what ever decision you make.

Continued success.

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Im not really an indoor grower lol, so unless yall want to grow outdoor big assed plants, Im not the guy… for indoor try @Hoppiefrog or @hoppiebunny or any of those folks. They are way beyond me in then indoor market.

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