Zskittles auto from ilgm

Money shot with my new Nug Shot cam!


Very nice, how old is it? Have you grown it before? How long do you think you have left? I have a Zkittelz just about the same stage, and it’s my first autoflower, I’m guessing a Thanksgiving harvest?


Looking good let me guess 1 week into flower? This is what you have to look forward to at week 3.5 if she frosts up like my frostiest zkittle auto I reckon she’ll be done by 4.5-5 weeks

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Actually it’s been going since September 5th. It’s my first grow also lol. And as far as how long left? Shit, I have no idea! But, I’ll keep you posted

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Yeah about that. That’s fire bro!

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I’m exactly 1 week behind you, 9/13. We probably got the same sale. I had a hard time getting my seeds to start back then, hence the delay. I hadn’t found this forum yet, seems they germinate pretty successfully in 50-1 water to peroxide.

Dude honestly I just threw mine in a wet paper towel and wished ‘em luck lol


Absolutely gorgeous! I’ll send you a picture after but, is it normal for mine to be so damn tall? And to have the buds so spaced out? I really hope she fills in like crazy like yours!!

Just depends how much light you pushed on them and how early I push for a lot early so I get 1 foot tall autos that are seriously dense( but it also bit me in the bum as I burned a lot of the upper leaves of my biggest girl)

So how close should my Mars Hydro be at this point? I don’t want to burn them

Which Mars hydro do you have I was running my Mars hydro 1000 at about 10-12 inches before I upgraded to a light with more red spectrum( a bit better for flowering but worse for veg)

That’s the one I have! The TS1000 , 150 actual watts?

The one I just sent the pics of is one I’m looking at. I also have a four foot long blurple too, should I use that for veg and keep it super close to prevent stretching?

This is what I have right now

I ordered these from Amazon! When I put my other photos down I’ll throw down a few of these to see what they are lol