ZK's 9 weeks Seeking Advice

Good day all fellow growers! Can you please take a look at my pictures. Am I getting close to harvest? They are all Zkittles some are awesome some have very small buds. All were kept in the same room under the exact same conditions. After one year of attempting this, this is the furthest I’ve gotten. I don’t want to error after getting this far along. Please advise.


Judging by all the white pistils still on the plant I would say you have 2 weeks left. Whenever you harvest the plant, all the pistils should be orange and receded. The calyxes will swell and add alot more bulk in the end. Be patient and they should get quite a bit bigger.


Thank you for the advice. Worked very hard to get to this point. Your advice is invaluable. Again thanks for sticking with me through this grow. Have a great day!

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Kid, should I now just go with water for the next two week? I Cal Maged them today for the first time in 3 weeks. I have just been using water. It has been working great to this point. 6.5 ph.

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Yeah I would start giving water only at this point


Cal mag discontinues around week 6 … what kind of nutrients u use… I personally dont do strait water at end I reduce feeding but dont make them consume them self’s to survive… my nutes call for green plants at harvest… makes sence…y starve them when they are bulking the most… some swear you have to flush which I agree if using harsh synthetics but organics are good till the chop day… just dont need as much because there only going a couple.more days not being sustained till next feeding… I’d say around 2 weeks any day now your pistils are gonna recede and orange up then you should he checking resin glands [tricomes] for ripeness as your harvest guide


l looked at a top under the microscope. Starting to see the “orange”. I used all three FF fertilizers from the start, and Cal Mag and FF at different intervals, although I haven’t used any FF in quite a while. I’ll use the FF big bloom one one more time on Friday and use straight water until harvest.

You dont need to flush per say. Just give them water only, which is going to make the plant go into senescence.

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A ok thank you

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Trio is organically based …very minimal salts … like I said before organics dont call for a strait water flush… sick uses strait synthetics Jack’s nutes which is dry powdered nutes very simple… but base line there synthetic… synthetics in some ppls opinions makes for a harsher smoke… theres not real study on smoke harshness… but the trio from FF is not same composition… same elements but in different forms… think of it this way…super soil … it’s a way of growing where the soil is abundant in all kinds of organic matter that Is 100% available all the time… you physically CANT flush out the root zone and the plant is going to eat everytime you water it … organic ferts same principle the plant should be able to eat what ever wants at any period in its life… using liquid fertilizer can target the nutes that you want your plant to be consuming at its life stage… end if life you want little nitrogen and and phosporus and potassium and a couple trace elements boron iron magnesium this is the scheduel pernod farm and many other organic nutes reduced feeding but not nothing

This is the suggestion per fox farm for final weeks calls for a flush 2 weeks before with sledgehammer and continue big bloom and tiger bloom at least

…and just for another example this is an organic nute company I use emerald harvest which calls for same reduced feeding till garvest… my hydro store owner explained it well …during the time if the most bulk why starve your plants… in nature in the ground…you can never flush so keep all this in mind and make a educated decision not all methods are ideal for your situation…

Its “flush” period is reduced 3 part only with sugar load to rev the microbes for the final weeks to unlock the rest of the food at root zone… dont starve your plants in organic growing … cant say for synthetics …I’m running synthetics this run to do some recap learning but still I hear alot of ppl say they cant even tell bud quality taste and smell difference flush to non flushed … I agree with my hydro store dude starving them isn’t smart at the most important point
Fox farm calls for 1200 ppms up to harvest … I doubt they will lie and make you feed if it’s not needed that much

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Fano Man I thought flush was just plain tap water at the the correct ph? When I believed I had nute burn I just switched over to plain water and it worked. Not familiar with sledgehammer?

I use FF HF as my soil. I noticed the FF recommendations on the containers it said to fertilize to the end. Should I continue using the fert. until harvest as I see its recommended as well as what you sent me… I only use this once a week and quite frankly havent used any for probably 3-4 weeks. Water was working for me with the cal mag once a week.

I’m growing in FF HF soil. I think I’m going to feed them FF fertilizer as described in the information I have on Friday. And will feed them again the following Wednesday. The buds are starting to get firm just like sick kid said they would. I will mix according to OEM recommendations. Thank you for the input.

During your grow did you use any kind of microbial stuff? Or did you brew teas to feed the microbes? Or did you just feed the plant the FF nutrients from start to finish?

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Think he said strait trio… sledgehammer is flush product just assists with flush …fox farm calls for periodic flushes through out the grow… its basicly resting the nutrient ratios based on the plants life cycle… instead of grow nutrients being in abundance from veg to flower …its flushes grow nutes resets ratios for strech and then calls for another flush a few weeks later to re set for bulking and flavonoid production and then a final flush and reset for ripening … it’s more useful to flush if your using the whole trio feeding scheduel… butnits not as neccesarry using only the trio by its self… but long story short …its not nessecarry to force senescence in organic based growing the plant will naturally do it …if it starts to go to long without ripeni ngf and keeps throwing white pistils …lower your light hours to 11 or even 10 hours if light to signal the end is near and the plant will focus on rioening… and if it’s a really problems do a 48 hour dark period when you want to harvest… but make sure you go by your tricome signals everything else is not the important for you harvest window… you want slobber on your self weed push it till you have a decent percentage of amber trics… if you want to get stuff done when you smoke … cut down when you have all cloudy … wont have as much sedative effect also known as couch lock…
Last but not least when checking tricomes dont look at your best bud on the very top of the plant at the top of its cola to look st your harvest window… and dont look at trics on sugar leaves… to get a good sensuous of the whole plant per deep into a bud that isn’t in direct light and use that as your reference it gives a better idea of the plant as a whole

I’m not a smoker.

I’m developing a cream and also making this into oil for my family and pets. I came up with a cream two years ago with cbd that hair grew on my little dog that was dying. Ive basically developed this process to make this into a topical cream. Really good stuff. The cream part is the most challenging.

There is something to be said about the effects of cannabis that really works. Shame I have to do this under the radar. I truly believe we have something good here.

Thank you for the insight. I paid a lot of $$ developing this and now I’m growing my own with the help of people like you to make life better for all.

Great ! Now I know your making a cream you wanna harvest at the point if cloudy trics because the height of thc-a lvls thc a converts to cbn which makes for the bed time effect cbn is the knock out canabinoid… topical cream in not sure of the ratios wanted… your looking for cbd dominant cream or a even blend… if your looking for an even blend they bred 1:1 like 15 to 15 thc to cbd that’s probably gonna be your most beneficial strains to grow for cream… what made you go with zkittles for a strain to make cream outta? I’m niece about the cream… what process do you use isopropyl extraction?

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We continue to develop a cream via my associate that’s a pharmacist. The process is what I’m developing as I’m a project engineer and deal with the equipment and functionality of the machines.

ZK’s has a higher THC level that we feel equate to a topical soothing that promotes hair and skin quality and texture. It will be labeled as so. More as I continue to develop the process and how it impacts people and pets through through case studies.

As you are certainly aware of it take a lot of product to render down a clean usable oil. Isopropyl, no we are working on a better solution that’s less harsh and produces more end oil.

Cool I love chemistry I’d be interested to learn of your work of your process…I have a chemistry schooling background… no degree but I love it …when you get a chance I’d like to hear more about it :sunglasses::v:

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