Zkittlez help on lower leaves

Help. Thoughts on lower leaves

She need a ph water drink


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I thought i was watering her enough, but probably not. Thank you

I would ph the water to 6.5. And give her a good watering and take all those dead leaves off

It could be root bounding if it’s sativa dominant they need root spa e as well as stretching space.

Thank you. But its indica Zkittlez auto.

Mine looked like this when they were thirsty and getting way too much light. Filling out the support ticket would be a great help, so we know what we are dealing with.

Tell us more. How much have you been watering it? Quantity and frequency

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Looks like its thirsty. A plant this size will probably drink 1/2 gallon from my experience.

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Yeah I think I’m not watering enough in quantity probably a quarter instead of a half. Thank you

I believe your right. Thank you very much.

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Yeah let ‘Er drink.

Those pots are pretty dry right now so this is a good time to get a baseline on what they weigh - dry. After you’ve watered sufficiently just make sure not to let them get that light - I usually pick each pot up by the corner once a day just to gauge the water level.

I don’t water to runoff but you can get a good idea of how much water your medium can handle at a shot by watering just until you get a little runoff and then use that as a gauge to say water a little less than that next time.

Soil moisture meter might be a good inexpensive investment