Zkittlez germination issues

A question from a fellow grower:

" Strain: Skittlez feminized

Climate: Indoors

Medium: Seed starting blend soilless mix Brand: Promix FLX. 6" typical seed production deep seed tray with holes in bottom.

Nutrient solution: none yet since has not shown leaves. Bottom watered with room temp.tap water

Light: LED Schedule: 18hrs on / day

Humidity: 40-45%RH Temp. : 69.5F/night - 71.0F/day

In an enclosed 12’ x 6’ seed germinating area.

3 of 5 seeds sprouted roots after soaking for 48 hours. Planted all 5. Planted March 8th. No leaves sprouting. No activity. none. Other seeds in same tray have veg and perennials have sprouted and are ready to be up potted. The Skittlez seed has done nothing since placed in flat. The only close up shot of the seed will show only a soil line in the flat in which they are planted."

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So when u soaked the seed did it crack open and u see the white meat inside the shell at all. How longs it been in soil sometimes can take up to 10 days to show above ground. If u don’t see anything after 5 days I usually use a knife and gently move soil where seed was placed and see if u can see any action happening with the seed. If so cover again loosely and spritz it with water and leave it be for a few more days.


I try to germinate my seeds on a new moon to a cresent moon phase. Sometimes appears to help with stubborn seeds, as long as the process is done correctly. Good luck.