Zkittlez , Gelato first auto grow

So I’m reusing old ff ocean forest from my last harvest. I put them both in 5 gals they germinated really good. 2/2 on the try with really long tails so threw them in today they started a day and a half ago. I’ll grab some pictures when I go back.

My only concern was reusing the old soil but I fluffed it and took all the old roots out for the most part and made sure there weren’t any clumps or hard spots or anything.

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The problem is you have used up all the additives in the soil, so the part of waiting 4 weeks to use nutrients no longer applies to you. You will probably start feeding immediately unless you add worm casings and other additives.


Thank you so much for the fast reply man! I gotcha, so I could just use nutes at like a week in’ish? Or should I just feed them when they sprout ?

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Probably once a week I would treat it like Coco. And feed weekly possibly twice a week 1/2 feedings. I got such a deal on fox farms I bought like 10 bags so never reused it.