Zkittlez Comparisons

Haven’t grown them myself but I remember someone has recently. Trying to remember who.


I was searching havnt seen pics yet of any on here someone grown.


Have you had any luck with that? With the lids.


Here’s the girls bout week and half into flower

and for the baby


crazy clusters on the tall girl


Got my jacks in today can’t wait to try it out in my bucket just gave her a good defol


Looking great they’re starting to get thicc by the way you may want to look into getting some mr fulvic for your next grow I was looking into a scientific study on cannabis using it and you really do get better root growth and about a 20% increase in yeild because it takes in way more nutrients( I’m gonna get it for 3rd grow after I run through my NFTG Zeus juice humic acid)


@GreenSnek I just checked it out not bad only like 40 for a liter and it makes 1000 gallons

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@Shaggy, sorry for putting this here man, I dont think you will mind lol, I’ve had one reply on my forum to this question, your forum is much larger and more active then mine, and with you being on time out I can’t get your opinion lol.

Kinda figuring calcium deficiency, question is how do I know if the nutrients I’m using have enough calcium in it, what should I be looking for as a proper amount. I’m using dutch nutrients (cheap I know), using tap water phed to around 6.5 when just water. Soil is happy tree frog. I want to figure out if it my nutrients or water or where the problem is starting so I can avoid it. I guess this could be marijuana jeopardy. I have the answer, I need the question lol.


No bugs at all under the leaves. Black or maroo ish looking dots that move usually. @Covertgrower might can help ya out im not too familiar with picking out a deficiency yet

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Use 3 or 5 gal buckets. Gamma seal sells a lid that fits both of those but for a single lid.

Easier to automate your curing then it is to burp 100 jars


I was watching guys on youtube do that also. 5 gal bucket half full with couple rh packs. Think it was bill ward

I use a air pump to “burp the buckets”

Also a one way check lead in from the pump at the bottom and one out at the top below the lid

I then T it inside the bucket and use co2 tube to make a ring for the air from the pump.

Can cure larger amounts to make life easy

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nothing under the leaves, there’s no holes in the leaves, I’ll take a closer look but I’m sure there’s nothing, they have never been outside or any outside plants put in.

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What are you growing in? Ph temp nutrients being used

Soil? If so what kind and whats feeding?

Hydro? Ppm? Nutrients being used and what amounts?

One painted nail but not looking like nute burn

More like a cal/mag issue but some details will help

I hate to say it but do you have a jewelers loop? Look closely at the white dots on your leaves. They may be thrip larvae. Hopefully its just nutes but om afraid it looks like thrips

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how do I link my grow journal? all the details of the grow are there but happy frog soil, Dutch nutrients A+B ph usually between 6.2 to 6.8,

@wizdumboriginal no loop just phone camera right now

It’s looking more like a phosphorus issue nitrogen you’d get full yellowing and crispy that looks like yellowing between veins and be down rust spots almost I’d say it’s a phosphorus issue either ph is off and not absorbing or not getting enough
ILGM has a good article on plant deficiency

would the phosphorus be more in a grow nutrient of bloom? if bloom it should be fine in a few days I just started bloom yesterday