Zkittlez Comparisons

Now that I think about it my “dud” skittle is pretty harsh like a skunk variety maybe a common mutation


Mine tastes fruity with a hint of citrus maybe even a creamy taste. Its still curing though. Its at 61%

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After hitting it with the hemp wick I can really taste coco too

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I agree not as fruity if a taste as I would think my gold leaf smell amazing right now waiting to chop in about a week and my have was extremely sweet tasting almost smoked the last of it

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There replaced some of my seeds, I had 100% rate other than my NL autos, I only had 5 of ten pop out of two grows, they offered me 5 of the same seeds right then, or ten free seeds of any type with me next order. Going to get some new strains now.

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this first zkittles is the mom to the second plant in the SOG. starting week 8 from flip. there is lots of frost but the buds are really underdeveloped, some sites have little buds the size of blueberries.

and this is from clone in a SOG, about two weeks behind the other so maybe 6 weeks from flip. i don’t understand how but the leaves look like reveged mutants and the buds are barely formed.

i took more clones but i think i’m probably going to let this plant go. i had trouble getting other seeds started and lost at least one seedling, and this one that made it is likely not worth it.

is anyone else having trouble with their photo zkittles?

here’s this same plant again, a few weeks later. it’s definitely a mutant. frosty, but a mutant. the other larger plant is getting the chop today but the bud development was really poor. there were many other plants in the tent so it wasn’t the environment. and before this i dropped a few seeds that didn’t pop or didn’t survive the seedling stage.