Zkittlez Autoflower

Help! My zkittlez autoflower was growing beautifully, I didn’t know about topping. So we never did that! It grew up to the Grobo lighting, I tried pushing the coco pod down some more so it didn’t get light burns. I think it did anyways. We didn’t add anything to the grobo nutrients. Should we have?! When flowering stage started, we had budlings and our pistils were beautiful! At the end of flowering, our buds never grew out or supple. It stayed budlings! We added biothrive bloom to it the last week of flowering. I think we made it worse! The leaves started turning yellow and shriveling and falling off! We never grew sugar leaves! What am I doing wrong what can I do?? I know I can’t save it now! We’re almost to harvest stage! Hellllpppppppp!

Sounds like it’s nearing the end, and close to harvest. Yellowing leaves is normal, especially if you’ve been flushing, or using just water.
Pictures can give us better direction to assist you.


Please ensure your pictures are in natural light or even better dark with your flash on.
Of the whole plant and right on the bud it’s self zoomed in.


This was today