Zkittlez Auto question

Hey y’all.
Came home and seen the stretch. This is a 12 hour difference. Nothing has changed. Except her growth spurt! Same nutes same light. First time growing this strain. This is starting 6th week from sprout.
It’s been in VPD range since sprout. The only difference, the pots are a little heavy. I’m in coco and water the same time every night but tonight they are no where near as light. Lights recommended is 24-30 and I’m at 24.
Top pic is tonight

Perhaps just transitioning into flower?

That’s what I was looking for :man_facepalming:
But Wow, a 12 hour difference

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You will likely see them continue to gain height pretty quickly for next couple of weeks. I haven’t grown this strain, but that is the case with most.

My zkit autos tookon the stretch period also. If light wasnt adjusted they did stretch and they stretched fast as hell. Hmmm. Need to drop some more of them im out of the zkit stash now

Mine do that. When they start preflower they get a lil discolored from normal, an gained almost a foot total while stretching, very nice smoke if you haven’t tried it yet

It’s amazing to see how fast they grow @Mark0427. Light min height is 24” and hanging at 24. Don’t smoke @Unknown but my friends are waiting patiently
This is today pic and I rotated them around

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I gotcha, they gonna love it. Here’s a pic from my first zkittlez.


And is that an Auto?? @Unknown
Damn!!! That’s… just WOW!!

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I’m growing a zwettletooth feminized with a sonic screwdriver if they decide to sprout , they both popped and been in the light warrior mix for about 2 days now , and got this Lil super strong GG#4 seed out the dispensary nug and it’s going , I was told they won’t grow cause they zap them with some ultra Violet laser light I guess to stunt the seeds , I have no clue to all that and I have quite the mix of seeds , and I just finish a reversion gg4 plant that got massive , but could not clone being forced to hurry and I’m still scrambling around , but it’s hanging and I’m ready to start the other littlins if they come on and get they mind made up .

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That’s right lol. Thank ya much @Woodrow. Thats a untouched zkittlez auto

If you dont mind tag me if you do a journal. I’d love to see those @yoshi

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They both pop but they have yet to top the soil , the gg4 is up and but to spawn out second.

I’m just doing lst on this. Only got a 2x4 but that pic sure does give me something to aim for @Unknown :+1: :fire:

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Here they come , the one that’s up spawning out her second set of fan leaves I’d gg4 , this strain to say it’s hybrid sativa , it’s super strong , always yield solid numbers above 6 ounces scrog or not , potent and smooth medicine even a rookie see can grow this and get good quality.