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On day 20 with my first grow. Not sure what is really going on any suggestions welcome. Not sure if she is a lost cause or not. I have started getting another seed going. Just frustrating because she was doing so good.

Things I think it might be.

slightly overwatered??

Fed once with very light nutes. then next watering a few days later fed again. Might be nute lockout. I have since taken entire plant out of soil and did root rinse yesterday. Maybe I am being impatient?? i even moved light a little further away just incase it was too close about 20" now.

if you want to read through quickly the link to journal is below and current day 20 pic.

First Grow, Down and Dirty Cheap Grow - Zkittlez Autoflower - Beginner / Grow Journals - I Love Growing Marijuana Forum by Robert Bergman

Tried reading through the journal but there’s a lot of posts there lol. Are you using an organic medium? If so you probably don’t need nutes for 3-4 weeks into your grow.

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mother earth coco with perlite

Yeah, so that’s organic. I wouldn’t think you’d need any nutes to add yet like I mentioned above. 3-4 weeks into the grow.

Some other more experienced growers might say different though.

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In coco coir you feed and water every day. Your plant is starving.
The pH of the water/nutrient solution should be right at 5.8
Fix these two things and you should see improvement.
Water till you get 10 to 20% runoff and remove the runoff so it doesn’t sit in the excess water.


See, there ya go. More experienced grower :slight_smile:

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Pure coco is basically like growing in hydro.
There is NO food in coco coir. You have to provide it every day.


Hey Shazm, apologies for stepping on your thread. But I’m in coco and seen reply.
Here’s mine at 9weeks today. Any thoughts @Spiney_norman 6.0-6.2 ph always. Using maxi bloom 1tsp per gallon always with tap water 7.8 ph

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Looking very good there @Woodrow
I aim for 5.7 on my water, but if it aint broke dont change it.
The plant will tell you when you need to adjust.
I overfed mine for a time. Was using a one gallon formula in a slightly smaller container. (100 oz)
Once I cut down on the nutrients its been thriving.
Right now I am using Jacks 123 system. I have one in soil and one in coco.
Water the coco everyday. Soil every 3 days.

The one in soil is starting to consume the lower/older leaves.
Just about two weeks left. Maybe 3


Um, no. You have to supplement.


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Ah ok. Wasn’t sure. Said organic when I googled it. Good to know.


Technically it is an organic product. Just the hairy husk from coconuts. Akin to peanut shells.
It has no nutrients in it though.