Zkittlez and Girls scout cookies auto's Finished buds Look almost Identical

I just finally dried and trimmed my Zkittlez and Girl scout cookies extreme auto’s and to my surprise they look identical. They are very hard to differentiate. Has anyone else grown these 2 and noticed the similarities? Zkittlez is on the left and Girl scout cookies extreme on the right.


Chopped runtz last night, wedding cake and runtz buds look identical that we grew side by side on our 2nd run.


They pretty much all look the same to me once they’re dried and cured.


First run was one potforpot.com super soil, water only, and 2 str8 coco and jacks.

Bud on the left, light green in color, coco. The buds on the right was soil, much darker in color, water only.

Both smoke identical, both smell like fresh banana bread being sliced in the grove bags months after harvest.

Difference in color only.


Good to know that they mostly look similar after dried and cured. This is my first indoor grow.

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I will add, we did not follow the directions, ie…you are supposed to allow the super soil to cook after making it for 2 to 3 wks. Proper soil microbes may have contributed to color outcome. We let sit 5 days. Important to note

Only way to know is to duplicate the soil grow a few times by following directions to a tee to see if that changes the outcome.

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I also used living soil. I used Nature’s Living Soil auto mixed with ocean forest by fox farm. I also top dressed with Gaia green and natures living soil girl flower power. 20 hours of light and 4 hours of darkness. I just wish the finished product looked different from the other. I will be growing 2 Strawberry nuggets auto’s by Memphisto genetics on the next grow. I bought some living soil from Elite living soil that I will be trying out.

They look similar. The gsce looks like it’s going to be a little more purple once cured

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