Zkittlez 19 weeks?

Not sure what is happening here. Zkittlez auto at 19 weeks. Started with a friend (jack herer auto) who finished long ago and is excellent. .

Hlg 100 3000k. Soil 3 gallon cloth pot. Jobes organic tomato and vegetable. Roots uprising, kelp meal, blood meal as needed, ewc, epsom salt, bone meal, Incredible bulk. Temps like 80 day/66 night. 20/4. Tap water.

Can’t support her own weight, has no leaves and won’t finish. How long to I keep this up?


That question is a little above my pay grade. BUT HOLY :poop:
That’s a Beast!!! :+1:


How old is it and its a photo. Man that thing is a beast. @Hellraiser @CMichGrower @MidwestGuy @BobbyDigital @Oldguy @Nicky any ideas as to fiif this will finish for him being there looks like there is no fan leaves or any leaves at all


I’ve never seen such a thing, but she looks pretty incredible.


What happened with all the leaves if i may ask. Was there a deficiency and the died off over time or whats up. Do u have a usb microscope or something u can look at the tricomes with and see the color of them white clear .amber ect. That will tell a bunch of when she is ready.

Also above my pay grade. Damn that’s awesome though!

I’m wondering if lowering the temps more would encourage her to finish up?

I think that would be close enough to being done. Especially after that long. Running it longer increases the chances of mold etc.
when harvesting that, I would recommend breaking the cola up maybe in a few sections to minimize the risk of mold, and maintain air flow.


I think I dealt with some nitrogen deficiencies treated with blood meal but went a little lite due to it being early in flower and not wanting to mess with things. I felt like I could never catch up from there but do add a little blood meal with each feeding.

Leaves keep drying and I pull them off when they release easily.

From the pictures I posted, they looo mostly white. Maybe some clear. No real amber to speak of.

Photo was from yesterday. She is about 19 weeks. She started flower a little later: maybe around 7 weeks.

Would changing the light cycle help? Should I switch to 18/6 or 12/12. Currently running 20/4.

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I had a blueberry auto that did that. I reduced the light hours to 10/14. It helped reduce some clear but the plant never threw any amber. Just pulled her at all cloudy.



Yep. An epic auto.


All I can say is, WOW!

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What a crazy auto, trichs are cloudy, could go ahead and chop, or maybe give it 10/14 for a week and see if any trichs go amber.


Wow Wow :open_mouth:

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Check this Beast out @Shazm

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holy hell…that’s one chunky beast!

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That is an absolutely freakin awesome plant, other than that, I’m speechless

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