Zkittles& wedding cake brown spots

Hey guy I have ail issue. My plants r getting these brown spots on there leaves. Can anyone tell me what it is. I have ph water to 6.0 and they are in fox Fram happy frog. I haven’t given them any nuit.


Without pics and more info all you’ll get is a guess.

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@oldmarine Sorry about that I forgot lol…


Looks OK. Maybe bugs. Get you some neem oil or (new for me and I love it) Captain Jack’s Dead Bug.

Not as green as I like. I believe the plant is good in FFHF for a few weeks at least. What will you feed her? I use Happy Frog dry amendments.

@oldmarine I waz planning on using nuke heads.

I’m not seeing any alarms going off, seedlings look ok :+1:

You’ll also want your pH at 6.5 (close as you can get)

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I ph my water at 6.0 thats ilgm says to keep there sedes at

I woke up this morning and I found this can anyone tell me what’s going on

When is a good time to start giving ur plants Nutrients