Zkittles seedling deficiency?

This still concerns me from my earlier response and agree @MidwestGuy with nutrients and ratio, cannabis friendly medium. It’s not too late since their in solo cups and nearing transplant. Fox Farm Happy Frog, Ocean Forrest or Coco Loco are great amended mediums that feed for 4-6 weeks with PHd water only. I recommend every new grower start this way so their not fighting issues out the gate :love_you_gesture:

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Pics would help

Hard lesson I learned! Switched to FFOF and boy they love that soil. Switched my photos to 12/12 on Sunday. The 6 autos are strong and looking good. You gave me a ton of help and I appreciate it, thanks! Not sure where that thread is right now…still learning to navigate here. Doing a BUTT LOAD of reading!
Happy farming growmies…

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Excellent Grow Bro!! Good to hear the FFOF is working, tag me if you run into any issues. We love bud porn here so post update pics :love_you_gesture:

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Will do! Once something good starts I will share!

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Foxfarms is not carried by any local shops and its so expensive online unless you can share a link for it. Also ive seen some youtube videos of people making their own soil mixes with coco, pearlite, worm castings, and amendments which seem to work very well.

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I amend my coco with jacks 321, calmag and beneficial microbes. Cheaper and reusable :love_you_gesture:

1 of my zkittles plant looks more normal while the second still has lime green on the base part of the leaves

The plant at the bottom of the screen is my superskunk

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The girls need to be transplanted soon, I see roots coming out of the bottom of the cups… are they a good size for 2 weeks?


They look great and your right time to transplant.

Drain holes in the solo cups? What’s your water PH? Agree with @dirtydave time for transplant :love_you_gesture:

I just got done double buffering enough coco coir for 3 x 3 gallon fabric pots so ill transplant them tomorrow. Its getting yellow/lime green growth on the near part of the new leaves.

The zkittles in the back left is doing good while the Zkittles tk thr left and the super skunk in the front have the yellow/lime green growth. They are growing quickly I think and I wonder if it is just fast growth. I doubled the fish nutes concentration and watered yesteday with calmag and superthrive. Increased the lights to 50%, they are still 24 inchs above the soil. Still have it set for 70% humidity as well as 77 degrees F.

Gonna mix up 2.5 gallons of double buffered coco coir, 8 tablespoons of 4-4-4 dr earth organic fertilizer, 12 cups of wormcastings and 12 cups of Pearlite for the repot.

Not sure what is going on with these leaves. I transplanted 2 days ago and noticed the tips of the leaves are getting dried out and they are turning down. Is this light burn?

I raised the light up to 60% and added another grow light tknthe 3x3 tent, another 200watt led light but i have that one at 50%

Both are at 24 inches.

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Your ladies look great and no worries on that leaf. Appears like it was resting on the damp medium and some splash burn from top feeding :love_you_gesture:

Im not sure why my leaves look like this. The new growth looks like it is kinda curling down. Kinda like a claw?

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Several things can cause this. Over or under watering, wind burn, PH etc. what is your in put PH and PPMS, nutrients, water/feeding frequency? Are you watering or feeding them to run off and checking the PH and PPMS of the run off?:love_you_gesture: