Zkittles seedling deficiency?

Hello, i have 2 zkittle seedlings and they are in potting soil in a solo cup. I noticed this monring they are turning yellow on The near part of the leafs but the veins are atill green. Ive got a superskunk going at the same time and it seems to be just fine (same soil).

I use ro water with calmag added as well as neptune’s fish nutes (2-3-1) for feeding them.

I think it is either a magnesium or iron deficiency but I’m not sure. Possibly nitrogen? What do you think?

Also should i repot them into a 3 gallon fabric pot yet



I’m fairly new and have been reading a lot but I did ready once the leafs are as wide as the cup you should transplant. Sorry I can’t help more.

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Nice looking ladies. What’s your PH of the water source your feeding? Seedlings don’t need a lot of nutrients starting out, how long above ground? Lime green coloring is a sign of new growth. Soil PH range is 6.2-6.8 and coco is 5.6-6.2. Soil sweet spot is 6.5 and coco 5.8. Is that potting soil amended with nutrients? If so adding more is no bueno :love_you_gesture:


Ph is at 5.5 ro water with calmag added and fish nutes from neptune harvest 2-3-1. Id think the calmag would be good to go as far as mag and iron deficiency and the fish nutes would handle the nitrogen requirements.

I gotta switch over to my apera 20 ph pen, ive been using the cheap one from amazon for a while and i think it is crap

Soil is not ammended

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Is that 5.5 before or after adding all the mix-ins?

You should be around 6.5 for soil.


The weird this is my superskunk with same exact setup is

doing great


Super skunk is s solid strain good luck @Silverfd. The zkittles strain i find it becomes a heavy feeders later in veg @Amlgill take notes got great advice from above from @Graysin @OGIncognito good luck also good start :+1:


Honestly they don’t look bad. Some slight variegation but that’s pretty normal for seedlings. Are they growing or are they stalled?

They are growing like crazy. Each day i can almost see them get larger and new growth form. Ive grown pepper plants before and these are so much faster tk grow if incsn get them ti pop out of the ground.

Then you’re good. If there was an issue they’d stall out (which also happens when they are laying roots). You will see some lime green in plants that grow rapidly. They grow faster than the chlorophyll can fill out the leaves.


Oh wow, I didn’t know that could happen.

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U can give them a weak seaweed and molasses feeding

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Here are some photos. They are growing fast and i doubled the amount of fish nutes the last time i fed about 2 days ago.

The super skunk still looks great but both zkittles are still yellow and the new growth has the same coloring.

Balanced cannabis are generally somewhere around 20-10-20 and also include the micronutrients cannabis needs such as copper, boron, iron,… I would use a proper cannabis fertilizer such as AN, Jack’s, or FF.

What soil (brand and type)? It looks like what you are using is coco? The soil you use helps define when to start feeding.

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I did use some coco to fill the dixie cups as i had the leds at 20% and 30 inchs. The seedlings stretched so I filled the cups to the top with double buffered coco. I lowered the lights to 25 inchs and increase it to 40%. Light is a MAXSISUN PB2000 Pro Grow Light, 200W LED Grow Lights for Indoor Plants Full Spectrum Uses Samsung Diodes and Mean Well Driver Remote Control Dimmable Growing Lamp. The brand of potting soil i gottta check tomorrow, it might be miracle grow potting soil (was something i just grabbed off the shelf at home depot)

The super skunk still looks great but both zkittles are still yellow and the new growth has the same coloring.

Im think about repotting into ammended coco and pearlite soon. Was going to use Down to Earth Organic Vegetable Garden Fertilizer 4-4-4 at the recommend dose of 2 teaspoon per gallon of material so 6 teaspoons for a 3 gallon pot of 50% double buffered coco coir and 20% pearlite and 30% earthworm castings. Is that a good idea. I also have 4-4-4 Dr. Earth Premium Gold All Purpose Fertilizer as well.

Was considering adding vermeculite and gypsum into the soil as well.

Planning on going to fertigate with calmag, General Hydroponics Armor Si Plant Growth Enhancement, neptune harvest fish nutes 2-3-1 and superthrive.

I would use something else when you pot up. MG and cannabis don’t always get along so well since it contains time release nutes that nuke your plant with nitrogen and submarine your pH every time you water.

Here are a few examples of cannabis in MG.

Was considering using foxfarms (i have a triple bottle to try with) but i never got around to using it yet as i thought the Neptune’s Harvest Fish & Seaweed Fertilizer 2-3-1 was good enough for now until I repotted.

I was not gonna use the miricle grow to repot. Just wanted to use some kind of potting soil for the seedling (this is my first grow for cannabis) did a few grows for pepper plants and a few other fruits and veggies and they always did well in the potting soil for seedlings and then going into the coco coir later.

I forgot to mention i was also gonna use DYNOMYCO Premium Mycorrhizal Inoculant - Root Enhancer / Stimulator - Mycorrhizae for Plants - Concentrated mycorrhizal Fungi when i replant/repot. Was going to sprinkeld into the hole and on to the rootball.