Zkittles indoor adventures

Happy New Year!

Zkittles is looking good.

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This Wi-Fi digital microscope wasn’t supposed to get delivered til tomorrow, my birthday.

This is a 2gram test nug, no where near ready.
I like being able to see the heads so clearly and close up, way better than my camera (used to take 2nd picture).


Early update-

Tomorrow (1-7) will be week 7 of flower. Based on the following pictures, I am going to start my flush tomorrow and be ready to harvest in 2 weeks (week 9 of flower). I can see some clear, some milky and a few amber trichomes.


Week 7 of flower started yesterday, so did the flushing process. My day temps have been reduced to between 71 and 73° days and 64° nights. I have also removed all of the fan leaves so all energy goes to trichome production.

This is the trichomes on my GG auto from last harvest under my scope-


The grow is coming to a close, this has been a very exciting adventure. Learning to grow indoors has been liberating, I like having control of the environment.

Zkittle auto week 8 of flower, chopping 1/16 so I started darkness period which will bring my day temps down to about 64-66, hoping for some color to develop in the buds.