Zkittles indoor adventures

I think the 20wwa didn’t have a lot of auto Gene’s in them

Correct! She was a WWA that had purple buds.

Congrats on the harvest! Just got shy of 6oz from 2 GGA in 3 gal bags.

I was hoping the numbers stayed consistent and by going to 7 gal bags I would net about 7oz, so essentially 1 oz per gal. Maybe next time :joy:

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I’m happy with 3 oz off an indoor plant. I find that vegging photos for 5 to 6 weeks then flipping they’re about the same size as my autos. The biggest difference IMO is photos smell and taste much better than autos.

I have seven 10 gallons pots and one 20 gallon pot. I also have an earthbox which I believe is 15 gallons in rotation. I top dress the pots a few times during the grow and harvest. I reuse the living soil pot over and over again. Each time the worms in the soil and the good bugs are helping to improve the health of the soil. Each pot goes into rotation. If not being actively used I still tend the inactive pot so when it’s turn comes it will be ready to go. I just planted two Lights out Larry auto sprouts in two pots that are coming back into rotation. I’m about to harvest another plant and have a sprout started to put into that pot. I love not having to set up pots for each grow.


Early update since tomorrow is Thanksgiving, I’ll probably be in a food coma and forget to update.

At 5 weeks old and 1 week into pre flower, I haven’t been happy with the way she was growing, she looks sad and droopy. To make my life easier, I transplanted her into homemade self wicking 5 gal bucket (see above posted video) so I don’t have to worry about guessing if she needed water and if I was giving enough

I watered from top approx 3/4 gallon water and molasses mix, remainder went into watering tube down to the bottom. In a couple of days, I will start feeding FF Trio from the bottom up.

****Bonus- 5 gal fits in milk crate which works perfect for LST the downs.


After transplant-

This is where I accidently broke stem 2 weeks ago when I started to LST, completely healed over.

Turkey in brine, destined for the frier tomorrow :yum:

  Happy Thanksgiving everyone!!


Everything is looking good dude! My 5 gal cloth pots are drinking a full gallon every other day. Since it’s just the wife and I were already eating cold turkey sandwiches!:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::+1::v:


Used today to fill bucket from the bottom up, took 1 hour to do 1 gallon. I also switched to Fox Farm Trio and the Canna Thrive (as the Cal-Mag, will only use every other feeding). Here’s to the self wicking bucket working as it should :crossed_fingers::beers:


Fellow growers, humidity levels for flower? I have seen 40-50% and 55-75. I’m so confused, I can read 20 articles and get 20 different opinions. I got a humidifier today but my RH lights on is 45%.

Please advise and Happy Growing!

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I go by VPD rather than RH. This is a nice chart that covers both :v:t2:

According to this, I am within range. Something is making my girls sad and I can’t pin point it. PH is good, temps is good, RH is good, airflow is good, PPM…what am I missing?

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Are you feeding micro nutrients? Also, if you are running any shallow water culture wick system, you will need Hydroguard

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Chopped off half my post…

I would target your root since you have the other areas covered :+1:t2:

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