Zkittles indoor adventures

Hi forum and friends, I’m back at it again and this time, promise to keep up with my journal.

Strain- Zkittles Auto from ILGM
Enviroment- 3x3 tent 80-84° days, 70’s night (lights off)
Lights- (2) ParFactWorks RA2000, 240 actual pull each.
Combined for approx 54 watts per sq ft
Container- 7 gal fabric pot
Medium- Organic potting soil mixed with Coco and.

Oct 21- popped ground (soaked seed in shotglass of H20 and splash of H2O2for 48-72 hours before tail popped).

Oct 28- week 1 1/2 gallon Molasses water added, 1 light

Oct 31- more molasses water added

Nov 5th- 2 weeks old, 1 gal reg water

Nov 7- topped

Nov 12- 3 weeks topping worked beautifully. Decided to LST and broke stem, hoping it survives. Added layer of Epson Salt and some 4-4-4 top dressing under added medium. Switched on 2nd light for a total of 480 wall watts or approx 53 watts per sq ft.

She isn’t looking too happy :disappointed::thinking:


Just finished one :+1:t2: Good luck on your grow


Close call that the plant didn’t snap all the way. I’d tape for support. Being an auto it’s going to affect the way she grows. I don’t see any signs of flowering so you might be okay.

I’d back down on the lights if you can. I have a 4x8 tent that I can run 840 max watts. I never run max. Normally at about 80%. I’d say 700 watts give or take a couple. That puts me at about 21 watts per square foot. Maxed out will put me at 26 watts. I get decent results.


I was thinking of backing down to 1 light and brining it closer to plant. Currently at 26".


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Sounds like a good plan.

I keep my lights as high in the tent as I can and let the plant grow to them. Right now I have a few at 36 inches and one about 22 inches from the lights. I don’t find the need to push my plants hard.




Ahhhhhh, I like my ladies squat and wide.


Me too.


So I reduced amount of light down to 1 fixture, she still chugging along despite me snapping her stalk in half :cry:.

Regarding watering, I am using a wooden chopstick to gauge soil moisture. I think it is a good way to know internal moisture past 2 knuckles of your finger.

Question is- do I allow chopstick to come out completely dry before watering again? I have always used finger or weight of bag method but I think both are too inconsistent.

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I use the weight of the bag as my watering guide. I’m wondering if letting my pots dry out too much has caused my plants to yellow prematurely. Not positive on that one. I’m thinking about changing it up a little and water a couple times a week instead of only once.

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I just had a little Scooby Snack sample of my Zkittlez. Damn!!! Taste the rainbow for sure. This is a sticky sweet bunch of weed :+1:t2:

Your gonna like this strain :v:t2:


Haven’t done much lately, on Nov 13th I watered with 1 gal PH water and 4 cc CannaThrive (form of CalMag).

LST is still in effect, she is surprising me with her resilience. It actually looks like she is closing the spot I split stem in half.

I can tell she has been stunted though, ya gotta be careful hiw much you ugga dugga while starting the LST.

No pics til the 19th of Nov, she will be 4 weeks old.


Nov 19th, week 4 and all is well. Considering I split her stalk early on. I started feeding the following nutes, same nutes I used for my ILGM Gorilla Glue Auto. Not sure if the Zkittles like the nute line, not reacting like the GGA did, might flush next week and try going to using Fox Farm Trios line instead.

This is nute line currently in use, if some of y’all can go read up on it and come back and advise me?

Today I finished the other half gallon of HP nutes.

LST is going well, although she is obviously stunted from my boo boo.

*I forgot to mention she is in pre flower, 4 weeks from germination as always.


What questions do you have about the nutrients?

The HP nutes I’m using are a “hybrid”, meaning it is a mix of organic and non organic. It is a “hemp” specific fertilizer, maybe I need to go to full organic :thinking:

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Based on the npk numbers I’m seeing they look like they’re meant for certain stages of growth. During late veg early flower I look to add higher Nitrogen. Early flower to mid flower add the higher phosphorus. For mid to late flower the highest in potassium. That’s what I’d do.

If you’re looking to go fully organic I can tag you to my journal. I started with super soil and have since moved to a living soil. If nothing more there is some good information to start out. The thing I like best about organic is knowing I’m not consuming chemicals or adding them to the environment. Also a plus is it doesn’t require a flush.

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Ganja Prime is veg nutes
Bloom is self explanatory
Tricome Prime is late stage nutes
and the Canna Thrive is their cal-mag.

I just see growers like Bill Ward and Mr. Canucks autos 3 times the size my are so I am always questioning what I’m doing wrong.


How big are you expecting your autos to be? I’ve heard of the them but never achieved their results. I believe @HornHead grows them big. Maybe he can give some insight.


I grew them YUGE outdoors. Still adjusting to and learning about indoor, I’ll hit the sweet spot eventually. I think this how I will do my next set-up-

Other than LST, maintenance and occasional watering, look like a pretty hands off approach.

I found a way to keep my tent at about 78° with 460 watt pull in a 3x3, I don’t think they liked the 82°. They look a little weak to me. The place I snapped in the stem is almost completely healed over. These auto plants are very hardy, people give them a bad rap for some reason.

I also raised my lights up to 30" which took me to about 50,000 Lumen at canopy level vs the 65k before moving. The PAR readings at canopy level were also very high at almost 1400 at 24", so she was definitely getting heat stressed.

I know I’ll get my nute issues under control, will probably not happen til next grow, this one is in pre flower so I don’t want to stress her even more by flushing her.

You grow and learn, right? So I’m hoping these changes work and from there go to a PH watering reg for a while to balance her out.

Y’all have a great weekend!!


It’s hard to accept bad results if you don’t take the time to love and share your energy with the plant. I’ve had a few struggles with them that was totally my fault. Autos and I have a much better relationship now and I get consistent results. Just pulled almost 4 oz from a Northern Lights auto. I’m excited about that!

I remember watching your autoflower grows. You even had a bud of the month victory. Beautiful White Widow if I remember correctly.

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