Zkittles grow journey

4 weeks down in flower and 4ish weeks to go. Start of week 5.
I did a little cleaning up on flowering girls removed some fan leaves covering up bud sites. At this stage of flowering I won’t be doing anymore cutting to the plants. Day temps have been steady at 75F-78F. Night temps 68F-70F. I have managed to drop the rh between 38%-55% with the higher % during flood. In order to do so I have to open a corner of the tent which means my whole upstairs smells of cannabis. The smell hasn’t hit its most aromatic potential yet but it is a mild sweet smell especially with the lights on.

As for the plants them selves they have packed on so much weight since last week. Not only that but the terps are starting to cover the leaves. Even some of the fan leaves I clipped. And the lower buds look as big as the collas.

Top colla

Lower colla

The bigger girl on (bottom left) will most likely take longer because her bud growth isn’t as much as the others. I noticed the smaller plants with tighter nodes buds look bigger.

Tall girl

Short girl

Top right tall


I finally got the clones transplanted into their 3 gallon pots in the 5x5 veg tent and they are loving life. Day temps are 85F-87F. Night temps 72F-74F with rh at 60%-80% all vents are closed due to the 70 pint dehumidifier in the room deleting the humidity in the tent. I’ll probably raise the high temps on the ac infinity t6 to 90F to stop it from pulling out all my humidity. I’ve started training them already using the LST clips and I swear by these clips. Works great.

As for my breeding room I have no idea what the problem is. I’m hoping it’s over watering because at least I’ll know how to fix it. Everything was fine before and during transplant. I watered them earlier in the day 3 hours before lights off and transplanted them 3 hours after they turned on. I might have messed up by watering again the next day I’ll be waiting for a complete dry out before watering again.

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@PurpNGold74 can you diagnose these clones?

I let them dry out and they haven’t gotten any better or worst.

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You mean the slightly droopy leaves? If its no over nor underwatered, then probably just a bit of rootzone distress. Could also be a bit chilly…

Are u sure the transplants went smoothly? If its bee 3 days and they are properly dry, go ahead and dampen that soil.

Same clones from the solo cups no? And directly into those bags?

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It’s the same cups. Transplanted them at the same time I did these girls.

The difference is the lights. The blurple led light is 460w. Do you think it’s overkill?

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Possible. Hows ur temps/humidity looking

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Temps 73 to 76 lights on 64 to 69 lights off.
Rh 67 to 74 its in the closet with no air ventilation just air circulation and the door cracked

Think of relative humidity as how close to capacity the air is, expressed as a percentage. Cold air can’t hold as much moisture as warm air, so fills up faster. Take air at 70 F and 40% RH and lower the temp to 39 F. RH goes to 100% and water starts falling out of the air (dew).

The reverse is true as well. Pull in “normal” air from outside the tent and warm it up and watch RH drop. RH isn’t an absolute measure of moisture, it’s a relative (get it?) measure based on the air’s temperature.

Can you turn down the 460w?

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No dimmer. I have it raised about 2ft. When they were clones they were fine. I did burn them earlier on before the transplant and they bounced back.

Update, raised the lights 40 inches above the canopy and they bounced back withing 12 hours.

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Start of week 6 buds are getting bigger everyday. Not much more to report.

Start of week 3 for clones and they have been topped and exploding with growth

Start of week 3 in the breeding room. I had some light stress issues with this blurple light. These lights are powerful.


Yesterday was start of week 7 and these girls are no where near ready for harvest in week 8. I say at least week 11. I checked the terps and they are all clear and from the looks of the buds the pistols are about 95 percent white

This causes somewhat of a problem because I have my plants in veg timed for 6 weeks so I won’t be flowering them in the flower tent. I’ll have to start flowering in veg tent then move them to the flower tent once the Zkittles are dried.

Based off the size of the veg clones they are growing 3 times as fast as their mothers

The 2 clones in the breeding tent are a pain in the ass to take care of. They have to be fed everyday due to them being in coco and I’m hand watering them

I was looking for some recommendations on the next grow. So if anyone sees this before the 10 for 10 sale is over let me know the best strain you’ve had from ilgm. Until next time


@PurpNGold74 hey Purp haven’t seen you around lately hope all Is well. I got a question for you. What do you think this is. I cut the nitrogen down by a 3rd because they started clawing. I also bumped the light up to 95% then 100%. I’m hopping that’s the culprit. I also cut down the calmag down by half.

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All is GREAT man! Just celebrated the birth of my son. So Ive been a bit… distracted to say the least. Haha.

The spots you are seeing look to me like a P deficiency. In flower, the P and K demands go up. The brown spots are more like blotches then spots. Spots/dots are more Calcium indicators.

What nutrient lineup are you running? Just up ur bloom supplement a tad.

Also everything looks GREAT! Ur gonna have ur hands full juggling tent residents but seem to have a good handle on it.

As for week 11? Maybe a bit longer seeing as ur seeing clears and white pistils everywhere. No rush tho. Good meds are good meds

CONGRATS!!! I figured that’s what had you busy… I was hoping it didn’t go that long. After seeing all the Zkittles grow journals they were all 11 to 14 weeks. Someone should let ILGM know its no where near 8 weeks. I’m running Humboldt Secret nutrient line. It’s a 2 part A&B part A is 4-0-1 part B 1-4-2. I went up to 280 ml to 40 gallons of part B and 160 ml of part A. I read plants still need nitrogen in flower. Just not as much. Plus the flower fuel which is 1-34-32 and 4 teaspoons to 40 gallons. I also dropped the calmag to 3 ml a gallon. So I’ll go add some. That was with my new reservoir change. I’ll let you know next update if It cleared up. Looks like I’ll be buying more yoyos they started falling over a week ago. Next run I’ll be adding a trellis net for support.

Does this mean they haven’t started packing on bud or will they continue packing on bud until harvest?

I’ll definitely be flowering in the veg tent seeing as these clones are growing way faster than their mothers and I seem to have 4 weeks left in the flowering tent.

I went with Runtz and Bruce Banner for the next line up. Are you familiar with these strains?