Zkittles grow journey

Itll be tough. Especially if you tuning in like youve been doing. Aim for 2 months but keep the plan flexible.

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@PurpNGold74 Do these plants look like they have iron deficiency?

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Hey sorry for so many questions. I just don’t want to kill my plants. Every little thing I see that’s not green looks like potential death for them. The last question I don’t think is iron because they slightly got greener so I’m guessing it’s low on nutrients. It has been at 1160 for a week now and started at 1200 when I changed the reservoir. They have been drooping for about 5 hours after lights on. I bumped up the ppm to 1460 today but haven’t fed them yet still wet from the last feeding on the 22nd and 21st. I’m thinking that could be another reason they are drooping because of over watering. I forgot to turn off the timer after the first feed.

5 hours after lights turned on

My question is do you have any idea of what these spots are?

I looked it up and all I see is fungus and rust but it’s not rubbing off and it’s making spot on the leaf transparent.

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Sorry about the delay. I cant keep my energy up lately man. Always something.

Nope no iron deficiency. New leaves come in lime greenish and darken up with time. Natural progression.

The splotches I also wouldnt be alarmed with. Doesnt look to be mold nor deficiency. More like a old water spot. Or nutrient solution splashed there.

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Np your health comes first. Hopefully it’s not the Rona. The splotches probably came from the foliar spray I did earlier that day. They bleached out the very next day.

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Then thats more then likely the cause.

Nope no Rona for me (fingers :crossed_fingers:t5:). Im vaxxed and stay pretty distanced lol. Have been social distancing honestly with 2002. Haha. But its more of a time thing. 9 hour shifts. 4 kids. Another on the way. Family leaning on me for other stuff. Growing reefer and the forum used to be my downtime. Now SLEEP is my favorite pasttime haha


23rd was the start of week 4 not week 3. To recap on week 3 my reservoirs ppm dropped to 1160 from 1200 which drastically slowed down the growth. By the end of week 3 I increased the ppm to 1460. What’s a little fascinating to me is the ppm were at 1460 before adjusting the ph then increased to 1500 after. Not only that but after the first feed it went back down to 1460. My ph hasn’t moved from 5.7. Not sure if I should be happy about that or worried seeing as ph usually fluctuates. The girls have bounced back amazingly after their first feed of 1460. I was a little concerned they would get nute burn from the major increase in ppm. That was 24 hours ago… So far so good. The Temps have been 85F light on and 74 lights off. Weather has been cool in the Midwest this week. Rh has been between 68% and 70% thanks to the AC Infinity digital controller. That’s about it for week 3

Today I did some light defoliation.

They loved it. After dropping the light back down to 24in from 31in the whole plant can utilize all the light. Plus I can see a big difference in the air flow.

After picking the girls up they feel a lot lighter after 24 hours of their feeding. They are greedy girls. Might be time to increase the number of feedings. As of now they have been getting fed once every 3 days for 30 minutes. If their dried out tomorrow I’ll be feeding them twice a day for 15 minutes.


Is this normal or should I be worried?
New growth turning red

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Week 5 veg
The last post had me worried seeing as the plants new growth was growing red wasn’t normal to me. As they grew they became green so no worries

Week 4 was smooth sailing except for the ppm. The big increase in ppm from 1160 to 1460 was way to high. I dropped the ppm down to 1360 and the nutrient burn stopped. I thought I would have been done with the training by now but I was wrong. The top left plant was lagging way behind so I decided to super crop and tie down the others to even them out. It worked but now she wont be as bushy. Which is fine with me I’ll just have to grow the other girls out to pick up her slack.

I also did some construction to the tents. Those tower fans were constantly turning off so I opted for 2 16" wall mount fans and so far they are exactly what I needed.

Everything set and ready to go for the flip to flower in 4 weeks

Today for the start of week 5 I did a reservoir change and bumped the nutrients up to 1500 which will stay there until flip. I left 5 gal of fresh water space in the reservoir to dilute the solution if necessary.

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Week 7. What a stressful end to week 6. Thank you to all the moderators and growmies that helped me through these trying times. I changed out my 55 gallon reservoir more times this week then the grow so far. It started with the ppm being way to high at 1500. I lowered it to 1360 and it was okay but still to high. After I fed them they I noticed the ph fluctuating by whole points in a short period of time. I was sure why so I reached out to the experts and the issue was the molasses I was using in the reservoir and the tap water I wasn’t letting sit out. I changed the reservoir the first time because of the constant ph up and ph down adjustments I made. I’m sure that contributed to up and down ppm and ph change. The next time I changed it was due to me adding Tree Trunk which is a silicate at the wrong time and turned cloudy whipping out other nutrients. After that is when I reached out to the experts as explained above. Molasses left my reservoir foamy and bubbling. And everything in it sticky.

After the flush I waited a couple days to dry out the medium then fed it with the new nutrient solution. The girls were looking bad the next day after the flush

I have 45 gallons of plain water in the reservoir with air stones oxygenating it for 24 hours. Today I’ll be mixing the nutrients starting with tree trunk let it settle for 30 minutes the mix calmag in water diluting it before added it to the reservoir. Then I’ll go in with base nutrients and additives.

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Excellent catch! Sorry for my hiatus. Girls look healthy and happy. Goodjob finding sound advice. That molasses can wreck a rez… organics in hydro seems to typically be a nono

It’s all good. Things been on cruise control since I found the right ppm. I got a update on the 14th start of week 7 veg.

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Week 7
Last week was smooth sailing. Finally fine tuned the ppms and thanks to the amazing moderators I was able to get rid of the foaming issue. Temps took a major spike as well as rh. Around 90f and 83% rh. The girls have been moved to the flowering tent and scrogged for the last 2 weeks of veg.

I also did some more defoliation and a little lollipoping. I’ll finish lollipoping in early flowering to reduce the stress in veg.

24 hours later

While lollipoping I took some clones

I’ll be starting another coco grow in my 2x4 tent. I’ll be mainlining. Probably won’t document on here. But I’ll upload pictures.

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Ur gonna want to get this under control ASAP in flower. But looking good dude

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Once I moved them to the flowering tent next to the window temps have been 83 to 85 lights on and 76 to 79 light off. Rh between 68 to 74. I actually have a dehumidifier being delivered today. I also bought a portable ac for next summer. Thanks