Zkittles grow journey

No dimmer. I have it raised about 2ft. When they were clones they were fine. I did burn them earlier on before the transplant and they bounced back.

Update, raised the lights 40 inches above the canopy and they bounced back withing 12 hours.

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Start of week 6 buds are getting bigger everyday. Not much more to report.

Start of week 3 for clones and they have been topped and exploding with growth

Start of week 3 in the breeding room. I had some light stress issues with this blurple light. These lights are powerful.


Yesterday was start of week 7 and these girls are no where near ready for harvest in week 8. I say at least week 11. I checked the terps and they are all clear and from the looks of the buds the pistols are about 95 percent white

This causes somewhat of a problem because I have my plants in veg timed for 6 weeks so I won’t be flowering them in the flower tent. I’ll have to start flowering in veg tent then move them to the flower tent once the Zkittles are dried.

Based off the size of the veg clones they are growing 3 times as fast as their mothers

The 2 clones in the breeding tent are a pain in the ass to take care of. They have to be fed everyday due to them being in coco and I’m hand watering them

I was looking for some recommendations on the next grow. So if anyone sees this before the 10 for 10 sale is over let me know the best strain you’ve had from ilgm. Until next time


@PurpNGold74 hey Purp haven’t seen you around lately hope all Is well. I got a question for you. What do you think this is. I cut the nitrogen down by a 3rd because they started clawing. I also bumped the light up to 95% then 100%. I’m hopping that’s the culprit. I also cut down the calmag down by half.

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All is GREAT man! Just celebrated the birth of my son. So Ive been a bit… distracted to say the least. Haha.

The spots you are seeing look to me like a P deficiency. In flower, the P and K demands go up. The brown spots are more like blotches then spots. Spots/dots are more Calcium indicators.

What nutrient lineup are you running? Just up ur bloom supplement a tad.

Also everything looks GREAT! Ur gonna have ur hands full juggling tent residents but seem to have a good handle on it.

As for week 11? Maybe a bit longer seeing as ur seeing clears and white pistils everywhere. No rush tho. Good meds are good meds

CONGRATS!!! I figured that’s what had you busy… I was hoping it didn’t go that long. After seeing all the Zkittles grow journals they were all 11 to 14 weeks. Someone should let ILGM know its no where near 8 weeks. I’m running Humboldt Secret nutrient line. It’s a 2 part A&B part A is 4-0-1 part B 1-4-2. I went up to 280 ml to 40 gallons of part B and 160 ml of part A. I read plants still need nitrogen in flower. Just not as much. Plus the flower fuel which is 1-34-32 and 4 teaspoons to 40 gallons. I also dropped the calmag to 3 ml a gallon. So I’ll go add some. That was with my new reservoir change. I’ll let you know next update if It cleared up. Looks like I’ll be buying more yoyos they started falling over a week ago. Next run I’ll be adding a trellis net for support.

Does this mean they haven’t started packing on bud or will they continue packing on bud until harvest?

I’ll definitely be flowering in the veg tent seeing as these clones are growing way faster than their mothers and I seem to have 4 weeks left in the flowering tent.

I went with Runtz and Bruce Banner for the next line up. Are you familiar with these strains?

Do you think these are pollen sacks? If so what can I do to prevent the spread or get rid of them. I’ve seen them on a few other collas.

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First time grower buddy of mine, is 30 days or so into zkittles autos. Ill have to show him this ! Nice job you did with yours ! :+1: :v:

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Thanks. Tell him stop by I do week by week updates.

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Start of week 8. I thought I would be closing in on harvesting these beauties or at least flushing them. But I was wrong and so was ILGM. They listed Zkittles strain to be 8 weeks but it’s far from that. At least 11 to 12 maybe 13 weeks. Judging by the looks of the buds they have 80% white pistols and I’m seeing 80% clear. I can tell their starting to turn cloudy but not much.

My flowering tent almost turned into my breeding room with these nanners.

I wont be able to flower the clones in the flower tent and they are starting week 5 so I’ll have to flower them in the veg tent. They are getting way to big to wait till the flower tent is free. And I won’t be able to scrog them either because they are almost corner to corner.

I must say they are growing a lot faster and healthier than their mothers.

As for the breeding room they are about ready to flip also. I’m excited to see how the sts spray works out.

I plucked about 5 of them from the tall girl (bottom left) on different branches that was 3 days ago and today I haven’t seen any come back so hopefully I’m out of the woods. My guess is the light intensity being at 95% then 100% at 26 inches from canopy. The leaves and bud payed the price. It looked to me like the bud started to foxtail and the leaves started to burn and claw.


Light Burn


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Start of week 9. Did a reservoir change today and dropped the ppms from 1300 down to 1000. Noticed some amber tricombs and less clear. They should be ready in about a week or so. Week 10 I’ll be filling up the reservoir with plain water and Sweet & Sticky as an experiment. Other than that nothing else going on in the flower tent.

The veg tent was getting way to bushy so I decided to lollipop and defoliate, getting rid of all the small flimsy tops. Even those that made it to the top for the canopy. Unlike their mother plants, I only want the big buds this run. It’s a perfect time to compare a harvest with the same strain but less bud sites and foliage.



The breeding room will be starting week 2 tomorrow. I’m already seeing pistols. And another thing I haven’t mentioned with the breeding plants is I’m not giving them any additives. Only calmag part A part B orca and molasses.


Week 10 and 2 weeks away from harvest. Next week I’ll be flushing. Still seeing about 10% clear and no amber. If I time it right this week and flush next week should be no clear and 5% at the most in amber.

Chunky buds

Veg Clones have been flipped to flower and scrogged. I’ve decided to scrap the perpetual grows and make both tent full cycle tents. By me having both tents in the same room in close proximity to each other its impossible for me to accommodate two different types of environments for flower and veg. So once I’m done flowering the mother Zkittles that tent will be out of commission.

Breeding room start of week 3. Still waiting for the 3 branches I’ve been spraying with STS spray to show signs of pollen sacks. Pistols are browning and dieing off. Next should be pollen sacks.


I think I got carried away with defoliating fan leaves. I guess I’ll see.

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Finally after 20 weeks from seed to harvest. 4 weeks germination/seedlings, 6 weeks veg and 10 weeks flower.

Drying room at optimum condition and I’m banking on 2 pounds at least



One thing I would do better is lollipop more. I have way to much popcorn buds.

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Start of week 2 drying. The chlorophyll hay smell was very strong at the beginning of harvest. Now it’s subsided or maybe I’m just used to it. The buds have lost most of its water weight but still look chunky so I’m not mad at that. The branches are bending but not snapping. I have noticed them getting harder. I give them 1 more week. I’m shooting for a 14 day dry. Temps and rh still as last week.

End of week 2. Did a major lollipoping on the clones and flipped them to flower. I won’t have to deal with the popcorn buds with this run.

I have balls. The breeding room is looking phenomenal
The 3 branches have started growing pollen sacks. The problem is they won’t be producing mature pollen in time to pollonate the other branches so if that does happen then I’ll be crossing Bruce Banner with Zkittles and also Green Crack with Zkittles.


Harvest day! And now I see why trim jail is a thing. 4 huge plants took the whole day to trim. Literally the whole day. Here is the total dry buds and trim. The trim consists of popcorn bud also.

Jar 1 174g
Jar 2 229g
Jar 3 228g
Total buds 631g almost 1½ pounds

Bag 1 145g
Bag 2 166g
Bag 3 76g
Total trim/popcorn 387g

My next grow journey will be after the Zkittles clones.
Strains will be Bruce Banner and Green Crack.
And I’ll be crossing them both with Zkittles.

Special thanks to everyone that assisted in the success of this grow its been a long journey.


That’s an awesome haul you pull out of those plants, how did the jars smell? My Skittles still smell like Fruity Pebbles every time I open the jar. What an awesome smelling and tasting strain, hope yours turn out as good.:sunglasses:

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Thanks. I actually have different but similar smells from each plant. One plant smelled exactly like Skittles. Another smelled like Grapefruit. And the other a mixture of Skittles and Fruity Pebbles. It’s amazing how the same strain but different phenos can bring out all the smells of the mothers.


I missed the best part but congrats on the harvest! Sweet yields! Pound n a half of solid nuggs? O u killed it!

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Thanks. I got another grow up. Bruce Banner/Green Crack.

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