Zkittles grow journey

First grow for me and very excited. I haven’t started the journal from the very start. Actually at this post the seedlings are 9 days old. I’ve made my first mistake of over watering. Seedlings slightly yellowed a bit. After reaching out to the experts on the forums I corrected some issues by adding more coco+perlite to the base of the plant and spraying the top of the dome with water and covering the seedlings.




Welcome. I have 2 zkittlez autos going now in flower soon to harvest in a cpl few weeks. In flower keep them a bit closer to the loght while in their stretch or they will stretch lol. I had beautiful node spacing at start and flower she just hit a growth spurt and got tall and lanky. One had a nice fat ass cola and the other os smaller but looks more sticky lol and has a w a y better smell to it. Both smell wonderful bit one has the. Strongest of smells but as said way smaller buds maybe thats the difference. The smaller bud plant is in a q 0 gal fab pot with canna coco and the other one is on 7 gal fab pot with canna coco all watered by jacks 321 with some AN additives. Tribus recharge and fish shit. Grown under alot of light lol

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Thanks. I chose to go with the Zkittles photo period feminized seeds. I wanted more control over them. I was told auto’s shouldn’t be trained. How is the Cannacoco worked out for your girls? I was so close to buying that brand but opted for the Humboldt Secret full line minus the flower stacker. I substituted flower stacker for flower fuel. What kind of lights are you using? I’ll be using the Growers Choice E720 so that should be plenty light intensity for my girls to flourish. Do they have a Skittles smell? Can you post pictures of them before the harvest?

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@Hydroman @Mark0427 hey guys Zkittles auto. Grew 5 .4 took around 12 weeks 1 whent 17 she was killer over 4 oz and smelled like you just peeled a grapefruit​:yum::+1:!


They smell amazing still growing id say 3 to 5 weeks left on them.

The back farthest 2 are the zkitz. Urs looking like some badass buttons there


Those are chunky girls with 3 to 5 weeks left they’re not done swelling up. It looks like 1 pound plants. How long did you veg them?

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I have neglected this grow journey for to long. I have been documenting everything with pictures and step by step notes. Here are some updated pictures I took today after feeding.

She the only one seems to have nutrient burn

@Mark0427 have you harvested the girls yet? What’s the dry weight?

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I did and not happy at all. Looks like shit smells great taste great but looks awful. Buds felt so nice hard and firm but after dried they r airy. Im done with autos for a while and see if that is where it lies because most every one had airy shit buds but taste smell and get u a good high just dont look good. So far ive had 2 out of like 8 plants come out with some nice rock hard buds and one was a 420 fastbuds and the other was a hydro grown growers choice seed. Bubblegum auto very first grow too and was the best so far for autos. Now every photo so far comes out solid. Might bot look all the greatest everytime but i am still in the learning curve lol. But density smell taste high is all on photos. Even fem photos are a more solid bud than a auto gives so far. But on the one plant i got 4.35 oz and the bigger one was 6.28 oz. Smells of fruity pebbles and taste like some kinds of fruits but looks like some homegrown mexican brick weed

6 oz isn’t bad for autos is it? I would never grow autos due to not having control over the growth. At least it’s quality smoke. Did you do any training?

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Nope just pulled branches down to spread them open some thats all. No fim or tops no super crops. I bet it would have been a nice haul of they were not airy shiz. Oh well. Figured maybe it was just me but now im thinking not lol

From the research I’ve done and videos I’ve watched involving autos most say don’t train. Maybe a little LST. Anything else would be to much stress to recover in such a short time. In just 3 days look how much these photos grew. I say a week or two it’ll be transplant time.

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The leaves r of the most beautiful green. Nice job

Thanks but they don’t look that green anymore. Only one of them seem to be retaining the luscious green. The others seem to be fading yellow. You have any idea what it could be? They are all fed the same.

The healthy one

The fading ones

Week 1 veg

Successful double transplant. Initially transplanted into 3 gallon fabric pots and stuffed them into 3 gallon drain pots.
That didn’t go so well :sweat_smile:

After realizing the fabric pots don’t go in the bucket the actual plant does I successfully transplanted them into the drain bucket.

Magnesium deficiency cleared up and dropped the ppm to 810. Plants bounced back quickly and needed a topping. I topped 2 and fimmed 2.

Day temps stable at 83f to 87f night temps 75f to 78f RH fluctuates between 66% and 85%. It doesn’t make sense, when lights are on the RH is lower. When the lights go off the RH rises. I was under the impression heat holds more moisture. A little concerned with the reservoir temps being 77f. I do have 2 large air stones aerating the nutrients. Feeding is once a day 2 hours before lights off. From the research I’ve done plants are best fed when they’re sleep that’s when the plants absorbs nutrients and makes its sugars from the lights captured when lights on. Ph stable at 5.8.

I’ll try to update every week

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Start of week 3. Last update I did some (LST and HST) tied the branches down topped and fimmed. This week was similar but fungus started to grow on the top coco. To much watering. I was watering twice a day 2 hours before lights off and 2 hours after lights on. After doing a little research I found out the green fungus was algae. So I scraped off the contaminated coco and stopped feeding until it dries out. I had more Mag issues so started a CalMag foliar spray regimen that worked very well. Earlier in the week the girls started to yellow telling me they weren’t getting enough food so I bumped up the ppm’s to 1060 from 810. They reacted well to the increase so I did a little more topping and tie down. The environment has been very steady with night temps at 78 to 83 and day temps 85 to 87 rh between 58 and 84. I lowered the rh not to pass 70 due to the algae growth. Here are some progress photos. Funny how they’re all the same strain but grow different.

I also completed my flowering tent. Built a hanging scrog net for the girls. And activated the Exhale XL CO² bags. They should be pushing out CO² in time for flip. 4 more weeks of veg

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I thought I should make another update post because the last one was back ass wards. It’s only a short one. But the content has PHOTO’S. Today the plants haven’t been fed and they were in prime condition to be abused… I mean (HST) high stress trained so I super cropped them. Now from what I’ve researched THE BEST TIME TO SUPER CROP IS WHEN THE PLANT IS DEHYDRATED!!!. Meaning when you haven’t fed or watered the plants for you soil growers. Here are the photos

MIND BLOWN!!! It means nothing until you see it in person… in just 1 hour these girls have already started to reach. You don’t believe me? See for yourself.

Bottom left

Bottom right

Top left

Top right


Start of week 4 girls looking good and growing fast. Feedings are every 2 days. After putting the reflector disc over the top soil I haven’t had any more algae growth. However after the reservoir change I did have ph issues. Major drops in ph that would start off at 5.8 and within a 24 hour period dropped to 3.2. As of today the ph has stabilized at 6.0 and ppms have been increased to 1180. Last week was the last topping

These are the results of the last topping 3 days later

3 more weeks of veg and I’ll be switching to flower.

I’ll be making some upgrades to both the veg and flower tent. The current oscillation fans keep turning off so I’ll be installing a 16" wall oscillating fan in both tents. That’s all for week 3 update.

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@PurpNGold74 So I just realized I’ve been counting the weeks wrong. The 21st will be the start of week 3. Aug 31st was transplant week 1. I’m trying to do a 2 month veg. These are 3 gallon pots with coco.

Do you think I’ll be able to veg that long and get through flowering without getting root bound?

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