Zkittles germination issues

Ok guys and gals, im lost… ive had 100% germination rate out of 2 other strains i got with a mix pack, but the Zkittles will not pop a tail. I tried a few weeks ago and left one in water for 72 hours. Never grew a tail. I currently have 2 more submerged and its been over 72 hours and neither have popped. Do i need to try the paper towel trick next?

Some people will add a cap full of hydrogen peroxide to their water to help the tail sprout faster. Me personally ive always pitched them in water for a day and if there isnt any tail I’ll throw them in a wet paper towel in a ziploc bag in a warm dark place. Most people will recommend above your cable box or somewhere warmer than the rest of your grow space

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@BigCat420 ill try the paper towel method. Ill borrow a germination heat pad from a friend too. Thanks!

You could put it under your car seat im sure its plenty hot out there lol

You can also scratch the outside of the seed to allow water to absorb into it better.

My best way I have found that works 100% of the time is a 18 hour soak. Then transfer to damp toilet paper and placed in a ziplock bag for up to 48 hours.

Then I transfer to their forever home. Then place a clear dome over it and spray twice a day. With the extreme temps we are hitting in South Texas I would need to spray 3 times a day.

Once the leaves touch the sides of the dome, I pull it and it’s game on. I am growing 2 Zkittles Glue and it’s been crazy. One plant was super small and the other was massive. The little one is catching up to the big one. I pulled a clone off each one and the smell,
Holy Smokes she is potent. Now they are flowering.