Zkittles first flush advise. #'s & grow info provided

I’ll start off with saying the only thing I’ve ever grown are beards. I’ve submersed myself in growing knowledge for last 2mo now and officially started my first grow early June. I’ve been lurking and getting personal questions answered through other users, but looking to get some knowledge for one, but also some clarity/advice on my first ever flushing. So I’ll try to answer what I’m expectig to be asked already.

-420 Fast Buds Zkittles Auto
-5G pots
-Zkittles #1 has 70/30 coco to soil blend both foxfarm. week 1 began 6/25
-Zkittles #2 has 100% coco from foxfarm. week 1 began 6/27
-Phlizon LED 241 true watt
-Brand new 36"x20"x62" tent
-Dyson air purifier/circulator and humidifier are the only other things in the tent
-ac infinity cloudline t4
-avg rh and temp during grow thus far - 76.4 temp & 61.7rh
-nutes have been GH trio w/calmag. never fed more than twice/wk (honestly just nervous)
-feedings have never exceeded 2ml for any of the 4 nutes (same as above)

Now to the flushing part. After all the research and blah blah blah I said to myself I wasn’t gonna be that guy who HAD to flush his gals for ph and nute issues. The main reason for this thinking was solely because I felt like I’d jack it up somehow. Well, the last 3 days I’ve noticed the brown spots on some of my zkittles #1 and definitely kept an eye on it as she’s been the one that’s been keeping my grow spirits up thus far (zkittles #2 has been draggin ass sine the start). After lots of research I threw it in the eff it bucket and said I need to attempt this flushing task. So here’s my #'s w/the flushings. all ppm’s ~140 unless otherwise noted
Zkittles #1
1g @ 6.0ph = 5.75ph/3960ppm
1g @ 6.5ph = 5.85ph/1970ppm
1g @ 6.5ph = 5.97ph/1170ppm
1g @ 6.8ph = 6.11ph/607ppm
(final gallon) @ 6.6ph/565ppm = 6.12ph/574ppm. 2ml calmg/micro/grow/bloom & 8ml azamax for newly found fungal gnats.
1g @ 6.75ph = 5.76ph/3270ppm
1g @ 6.62ph = 5.59ph/2260ppm
1g @ 6.93ph = 5.76ph/901ppm
1g @ 6.85ph = 5.97ph/687ppm
final gallon @ 5.80ph/802ppm = 5.82ph/814ppm. 2ml calmg, 6ml micro, 2ml grow, 3ml bloo, 8ml azamax.

was I wrong for doing it like this?
Thank you in advance for those with input.

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Hey there @Hellraiser! I’m as rook as it gets as this is my very first grow. I really value your knowledge and would love some insight and help on figuring out my issue and my flushing technique! Tha m you in advance.



Plants are looking good, not really seeing any nutrition or pH related issues. Those brown spots just seem like they’re from getting water/nutes on it during watering maybe. Your flush numbers seem fine as well.

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@Hellraiser I can’t thank you enough. I guess if they increase in size or in quantity I’ll press the panic button again. Really appreciate the looksie. Cheers