Zkittles autoflower different sizes

Separately I feed them today then I add calmag on my straight watering later in the week. Like I fed today so calmag and water on Tues.

Ok i see. Probably a dumb question but how much water do you mix with your fox farm nutes? And do you mix them all in one mix, or do you mix one by one separately with water?

A gallon all the charts on a per gallon scale even if I only water half a gallon and yes I mix them in a pitcher all together.

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@SKORPION ok cool. To be honest ive always watered very light. On friday i gave each pot a liter of water mixed with calmag. One plant has droopy leaves. Think that was too much water for the size? See picture:


@SKORPION or is this normal? I havent seen the droopyness before so maybe its just not used to the change of water schedule? Or maybe its saying it needs more water?

@SKORPION or maybe its not used to my new light cycle… i was on a 23/1 cycle. Now im on 18/6

Droop is usually a watering issue over or under looks dry so might be under because those are pretty big pots. My worry would the yellowing but you recently fed I think so it may be ok

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Are you watering to run off?

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Yeah the liter seemed plenty because thats when i started seeing run off. Tomorrow i water again and feed it nutes so maybe it recovers a bit.

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By the way, i noticed a trend with my plants about the yellowing. The leaves in the bottom, like you see in the picture that are yellow are dead. Im guessing this is due to too much light and too close. The leaves were crispy and started to fall apart. Probably has something to do with me not watering enough in the first few weeks. Should i cut the dead leaf you see in the pic or does it matter to leave it alone?

Just cut them damaged or dying leaves don’t recover.

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Man its tricky with this strain because i know zkittles can get yellow by nature. But that one leaf is definitely dead. Ill cut it. I wonder how this happened though. Dead yellow leaves are normally in result to burning right? I guess the 23 hour light i gave it was too much. But it started showing after i switched to 18 hours a day. Probably doesnt matter though like you said, if its dying, no recovery so it was going to happen regardless through time. How high do you hang your lights?

I use different leds and the proper height is really just about as close as possible without it being too hot. I put my hand above the plant if it’s hot to my hand I raise it until it’s not.

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Ah ok i see