Zkittles autoflower advice

Hey all, im the midst of my first autoflower grow. I just took this picture today, does this plant look stressed to anyone?

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@Eagergrower how much are you watering them? Looks like possible over watering to me. Are you using any nutrients yet in the older plant? What’s your soil mixture?

I actually just watered the other day and left the run off in the tray, so maybe its a bit water logged

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Yeah looks like a little bit too much water or not proper drainage. Let us know if you need anything else!

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You are just starting pre flowering. I would defoliate those big leaves. They are just draining energy from your bud sites and nutrients. It looks like she might be needing a little cal mag to green her up a little. Pre flowering will make her a little yellow tint.

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Thank you

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Update on my zkittles auto. Also my first successful clone of my girl scout cookies! Aand some mk uktra gorilla glue and blue dream if anyone cares!!


She looks a little sick to me, the runoff is within range, runoff ph is slightly high for coco 6.14…

@Eagergrower are you feeding her?

Coco needs a lower ph. You are locking out some nutrients by feeding at too high of a ph. You should feed at 5.8-6 for the remainder of flower. How much are you feeding and what nutrients?


Well i ph 5.9-6 every watering, but i recently took a run off reading and the ph was 6.14.

Im feeding general hydroponics trio w/ cal mag. I feed about once a week… or when buckets are about 90% dry

I read that wrong. I thought you said runoff was 6.41 ph.

Yeah cal mag and the general hydroponics trio. 5.9-6 phd water

You should be feeding and watering everyday in coco. She’s hungry. You’re the only nutrient source so you have to feed every time you water in coco

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Okay, glad i fed her today! By watering everyday are you getting allot of algae ontop?

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As long as you have proper airflow beneath the canopy, you shouldn’t have much, if any. I know it’s hard to eliminate it all when watering everyday, but coco is designed to be watered/fed daily due to it being hard to overwater because it expands like a sponge when wet and holds around 30% oxygen when expanded. If you don’t keep it wet/moist and let it dry out, it can become hydrophobic and throw off your ph and your plants will suffer or not be able to reach full potential


Okay great. Ill make some adjustments. Thank you!

Hey man about what you said about water/feeding daily. When you do this are you watering to the point of runoff or are you just giving them a little to keep them moist?

Runoff. You can’t overwater and coco is designed to be watered/fed daily or be wet/moist at all times. You don’t want to let it dry out too often

I just installed this carbon filter last week, i feel like it shouldn’t be this dirty already…?