Zkittles Auto help please

So this plant popped up sept 20. 45 days ago. I am using fox farm nutes and I was wondering when I should to give her the open sesame to help with the switch to flowering stage. Also does anyone do 24 hours of dark with the autos as well? @KeystoneCops you have helped me out in the past do you happen to have any knowledge on my questions or can point me the right direction? Thanks to all

Sorry. I’m unfamiliar with FF bottles. I’ve heard of autos requiring encouragement in order to initiate flowering, but it’s not the norm. That’s sort of the point.

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Gotcha. Thank you much.

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It looks like you are already through the first week of flower and probably ready for Beastie Bloomz, but you could give it open sesame for its first week to kick start it.

No need for the 24 hours of darkness at this point.

No light encouragement was needed for my 3 auto zkittles but I do give them phosphorous heavy nutes midway through veg to tell them theres enough resources to flower

You guys are great thank you gentlemen