Zkittles auto day 56 from seedling, trichome guidance?

Currently sitting at day 56 and seems the plant matured really fast, checked the trichomes and my vision sucks but they look to all be cloudy? Wondering if anyone can bat an eye at this plant for me to give their opinion on how much longer I have till harvest? Any help would be appreciated, tried my best to get some good shots under the jewelers loop. (Zkittles auto/3 gallon fabric pots/fox farms ocean forest soil/ humboldts secret nutes/regular filtered water dechlorinated and never PHed my water.


Your best to invest in a USB microscope the amount of magnification through that pocket microscope or loup is not enough to accurately see. Your in the clear/cloudy phase right now so you still have time to get one.


Alright cool deal, Thanks for the response :+1:t4:.

I bet you’re about a week out. Just my opinion. Looks nice though!


Agree with @Nicky, but can still see quite a bit of clear.

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Okay cool, I bought a higher magnifying loop so I’ll be able to look a little deeper! I also planted 3 of the same seeds and the other 2 plants didn’t seem to mature as quick as this plant did, pheno and genetics play a role?