Zittles he/she transgender 🤣

Ok so here I go, I really never start drama but I guess someone has to. So on 420 sale I ordered 10/10 zittles fem. I then did a bunch of research on here and see they are transgender and want to grow balls :triumph: I emailed them and they will exchange them but want a link talking about the issues. I would think one of there members/associate could research :face_with_monocle: it like I did. Was hoping as a community we can bring this to light. I would send the link like they want but computer stupid lucky I can do what I do.
Thanks all

I’m not real sure what your question is. It appears that you’ve found information leading you to believe that seeds are bred to be hermies. This is not the case. There are causes for hermies, but just being seeds is not one of them. Seeds are either regular (can be male or female,) or feminized. Feminized seeds produce females 98% of the time.

I know of virtually no breeders who intentionally produce “transgender” seeds.

If you are worried about hermies, then you will need to make sure that you are controlling environmental factors that can cause hermies such as your light cycle, or other stressors.


Just to add to @MidwestGuy I’ve grown several autos without issues, not sure if it wanting autos cant speak for fems yet

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I don’t recall this being an issue that’s been talked about here extensively…or at all.

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I believe there was an issue with a few ppl but i believe they were autos that were herming on them not fems or maybe it was fems and not autos. I did see it tho also just dont know where. If u type ur queation in the search bar aboit herming zkittlez all mentioning herming and zkittlez will pop jp for u to search and find ur thread u r looking for. They want u to do the work since u r requesting new seeds they do t wanna research they wanna see what u seen with ur eyes. Steer clear of train wreck fems unless they got thos fixed

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I don’t know how to tag but ask hellraiser about his zkittles grow. Not talking about autos. And not just him others also. I think hellraiser has a grow tread and they talk about it.


Use the @ symbol infront of the name like so @Hellraiser

Definitely possible that I missed it. Carry on :joy:

Maybe someone can tag hellraiser


Two posts up. He’s tagged

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My point way would they keep selling them,do they not do Research and development on their own products.

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Because not every seed is always a problem. Sometimes a pack might have been somehow subjected to some sort of enviornment that interdeered with the seed or something. I mean if they have repeated returns or complaints im sure they will pull that brand until all is fixed with them. But maybe im wrong and they just want the dollar too. Lol. There is always that but why or if in there somewhere lol

I am not sure but they will exchange them. They do want me to send them in. I am not bashing them but does seem to be a problem with them growing balls sooner or later. I just can’t waste money on them knowing there are issues.

My bad really should have researched before I purchased them

X-ray machine

My zkittlez photo plants all went hermie. Had 4 plants go into flowering, 3 went hermie immediately and the 4th started growing nanners at mid flowering. I have no environmental issues that cause hermies, can’t get more dialed in than I am. I wasn’t the first to report this issue either, had seen at least 1 other grower that also had hermie issues with Zkittlez, but don’t remember who at this point, which put me on the lookout for hermies and allowed me to catch them early.

Here is the journal where it is documented:

Also gotta realize, like all seedbanks, they don’t produce the seeds themselves. All seedbanks are collectives. Read the about info

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I’m sorry to hear some of you had issues with our Zkittlez seeds! I’d like to look into this, in order to check this batch I need the order numbers of the orders that contained these seeds.

We test our seeds on a regular basis to make sure the quality is up to par, but since this is still a product of nature it can sometimes happen that a bad batch slips through the cracks. In that case, we replace/refund immediately!