Zippers/access on TopoLite Tents

i’m looking at a 32x60. The door also opens around the side. one review said they had to unzip all the way around the side to get it opened or closed, so it’s making me question if this has just one zipper. Does anyone have it? i won’t have access to the left side of the tent. i just want to be able to open the front.

I don’t have it but it seems like you will have 2 zipper heads which you can close at the front middle location then just zip back to the corner on top and bottom.

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would have to right? may pick up a different brand though that i see references zipper(s). would hate to have to return something this size.

I just bought the AgroMax tent and set it up today.

Very well built. @Skydiver recommended it. I’m very happy with it.

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i’m looking for a 3x5 and it’s been tricky. secret jardin had one that looks intriguing (also expensive) but it’s not available from most of the vendors i’m familiar with. otherwise this topolite.

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Send a message to the seller, if it has 2 zipper heads you are good to go.


I have a topolite 2x2x48 and it has 2 zipperheads


There you have it.

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ORDERED! thanks :slight_smile: