Morning Folks

Purple Haze Auto Day 85 (from sprout) Bud Porn


Yummy yummy looking good


Some really nice bud development there, are these under your modified lights?


Yes @dbrn32

Both modified cobs are on in addition to two gh 300w lamps.
Love that I can get decent photo’s with the citizens remaining on.

Peace, I’m off to the daily grind!!

PS it wouldn’t be a Screwauger grow without burnt tips and the infamous calmag spots!!!


Sweet! Burnt tips just mean you’re feeding enough haha. Have a good day!


I acquired a digital camera, not the best but appears to take better close ups than my iphone.

Purple Haze Day ?87?


Blown up I actually see milky trichs


Fourteen minute jams are not for everyone but wow, this tune can change my overall outlook on life. Even with a plugged ear, this gets me groovin’

Merl on Sax sounds a lot like the old Saturday Night Live band. Or the hash is working well. I went to the office for 4 hours, closed four cases, got a bunch of other work done. Met with my boss and took the rest of the day off ill. Cleaned the bong, checked on the tent and now I am getting blasted listening to Jerry & merl


Looks good. Definitely better than a phone zoom.


I was just looking through some of my old junk and found these… talk about some long jams back in the day.


We could have been at some events together @BigJon

I grew up in Watertown NY and had cousins in Rochester and a good friend attending Buffalo State Univ through most of the years seen in your pic. I saw the Dead at Buffalo stadium and also the Stones with George Thorogood. What a party that was, we had six gorgeous thia sticks and though our seats sucked, we had a great time.


I think we hit every concert that came to Buffalo and Toronto from the late 70s through the early 80s. It was definitely the days of sex and drugs and rock n roll.


It sure was.
We won a contest at a local music store when we went to see the Stones. Bus ride down, keg on the bus and bus ride back to H2otown.

The driver pulled off before Rochester and said, I have to get a different bus, the AC is not working right on this one and I am getting high with you guys. Doobs, bowls, beers all on a subsidized, sponsored concert trip. We changed buses and had a great time/memory.


I was at the Stones concert at Rich Stadium but I don’t remember what year it was or who opened for them. I think I’ve seen them at least 5 or 6 times. That’s why I tried to keep ticket stubs when I was thinking well enough. We did the bus thing up to Toronto to see the Who with J Giles band and Heart opening. That was a good day from what I can remember!


Dude what an awesome ticket stub collection. I keep all mine as well but a few got lost along the way.


I had a cigar box full of every ticket stub ever purchased. My ex took possession of that and everything else. Lost two milk crates full of Zappa albums and every tool I had ever owned. I won though, lol

Our favorite venue was SPAC (Saratoga Performing Arts Center). Back in our day, you could buy anything out in the open. It was the one place we visited that we waited to buy dope at the concert. That’s all changed though. They called it “Drug Street” and it was just a blacktopped walkway across the venue but everyone standing still was selling something.

Luckily, anytime I need a reference, my buddy back home has all those same stubs.

check this out @Screwauger


I just glanced and that looks sweet. I’ve got to take some more time and listen and read that page. Thanks @BIGE


Here we are, the last of my 5.75 consecutive days off work. I am making the most of the day! Started out by hauling the purple haze auto (genofarm genetics) out of the tent to get a better look at her and trich stage. I see mostly milky with some clear and not one amber!!
I’ve not grown this strain to harvest though I lost one to rot in the backyard this summer. It notes roughly 85 days but this gal is on Day 98 from sprout.