nah,we did have some tornadoes roll through the other day…
that cold front kept michael away from here,but there is a tropical depression coming from left feild…lol
seems as if these last few hurricanes have come from odd places…lol


Still does


One pineapple haze clone = 2 gallons of trimmed budz!!!


I’m out of likes for now, but that’s a heck of a stash! :+1:


Nioce! those frosty nugz look tasty! Um Um Um pineapple! I love the sweet smell and taste of my SOur pineapple…


Very nice haul after the rot and all… Great job


Sweet haul! Congrats


Very nice harvest brother!


Thanks for the kind words and for dropping in!!

So glad to have it all inside finally!!

It was in various stages of dry so I placed it into four paper bags to finish drying inside.

Trying an uncured yet dry purple/black bud, it is Fire for sure!!

The head rush of the initial hit is impressive!!

I will weigh it up when it stabilizes at or near 62% RH but perhaps 13 zips??


That’s killer, nice job!


I’ll guess at least 1 pound, 16 oz… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::crossed_fingers:


we like poundage pal!
i’ll make a guess at 1lb 1oz


Ho lee crap @BIGE

482.89 g/ 28g = 17.25 ounces!!!

@Niala and you were way more accurate than I.

2 gallons buds = 1lb 1.25oz

Thanks to @Willd as he gave her life when he sliced her from her Momma.


Woohooo! Couple of bubblebag runs along with that pound, medecine for dayyyyyyz.


Yes @Blasting

Just weighing up the trim, popcorn, larf and fluff

11.7 zips of sugary hash materials.


Very nice!


Wow well done


Well deserved buddy lots of care espically the ladt 4 weeks


Thanks Folks, it’s a great strain to grow, maybe likes it a tad more arid but I est I only lost an ounce or two to bud rot so not bad at all.

The info page for ilgm Pineapple haze says 19oz per outdoor plant so she was right on the money, for days to flower and yield. Now, smoking it, strong stuff. There might be some “up” to it but you had better be careful or you will be snoozing between doobs.


Love it bro congrats