Good to hear from you, thanks for update! Last week or so been crazy here too.


Eager to get my larger tent set up so I have been cleaning and organizing. Found a couple of things of note.

To be expected I guess, my PHA has some signs of calmag issues. I have not been adding calmag to my mix so now I am going to give her a few feeds of AN Calmag Extra. It’s more of a use once or trice to correct the problem vs a regular addition to the mix.

It’s possible my FIM was a success, should know in another day or so but looks like 4 shoots to me. My first ever FIM…:palm_tree:


Pineapple Shots


Pineapple Shots


Pineapple Shots


Nice looking girl there


Awesome buddy!


Excuse cheapo cob lamp blurple

I’d say I fimmed…yeehaw!!!


Nice work amigo!


48x48x80 feels right for two autopots auto’s taken to their max!!



You guys put east growing them monsters!


nice growing brother!
one of these days i’ll be able to grow free as well!


Thanks to @dbrn32 once again. What an upstanding member of this ILGM forum!!

Roleadro cob 400w is now a modified lamp with more potential, lower power use and much less heat.

And I helped!! @Blasting @Sirsmokes @BIGE @Willd @WillyJ @Smokin_ernie

Buying two more cobs soon to do the remaining lamp but have to remove the on’off switch or repair it first.


Nice work dude!


Thanks Buddy.

As always was the case, it was easier once I snipped the zip ties and spread out the wiring. I was under the impression the two drivers on each side were hot wired together, like parallel. But they were not and the two drivers not in use were just connector clips undone and out they came. Plug and Play!! Or Unplug and mod…

I got me a D I Y COB fixture!


Yessir, welcome to the club haha!


@Screwauger what did you do hot rod that light? I have those lights.


that’s awesome @Screwauger


Yes @Smokin_ernie

For about 40-50 bucks @dbrn32 helped me upgrade the cob chips in the lamp. Brighter, less power consumption better overall light. I’m getting two more cobs and gonna hack my other Roleadro also.